CHAIRO was a joyful salutation in ancient Greece and perhaps a good way to introduce Coven Babylon’s new way practicing witchcraft.

Hi! My Coven name is Rune, the Crone and creator of both this coven and website. My goal for Coven Babylon is to show through personal enactment that it is not one God but quite a few that hope to form an alliance between human beings and very real and palpable “Elders” (known to us commonly as “sons of God,” “Nephilim,” or “First Born” that accomplish great deeds. But it begins with us individually – our will, our hearts, our desire). These entities can best described as conscious energy. In order to suspend your disbelief enough to function with us, I would suggest you briefly explore the split light experiments. Are beams of light made up of matter or waves? Do their natures change according to whether or not we’re watching them? And with that said, perhaps this also has to do with how we mentally engage them? I’m not going leave a link here – half the fun of this one is to DO the research yourself. Fun stuff.

FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION: This is a working coven which means that every Ritual has purpose and is designed to interact with the entities you attract to create a spell saturated with intent. You have agreed you are here with the rest of us to change something inside yourself in order to change the life you create. I hope this website will aid your inner journey with through the Hieros Gamos from our present day then back to Greece and then to Sumer and the very beginnings of our Western civilization. It’d be a good idea to understand what this means.


1. Agree that Gender is part of a spectrum and believe true magick is seen through a polarity rather than a gender.

2. Understand Babylon’s pagan lineage: READ People of the Woods.

3. Design your magickal name so that your name and birthday are numerologicaly equal. To download Excel program that calculates the number of your name:
Name Numerology (1)

or if you want to do it manually:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

4. Write a short autobiography of your magickal history. This is just to let us know where to begin with your particular journey. Please include:

a) what was the experience that hit you over the head with a 2X4 to let you know you were a spiritual being
b) why you’re here
c) what you contribute to Babylon
d) traditions of which you have experience
e) What are you looking to get out of Babylon

5. Learn the five elements and make your own copper Athame and tools. Schedule time with Forestiere.

6. Know names and seasons for the 8 Sabbats (They are listed on this website).

7. Understand 3 different Oracles. You will learn and/or practice your main one while working toward 2d degree…but other oracles bring different perspectives.

8. If you’re here, you’re a magickal person and by this time, you probably know it. Be able to define and discuss a “Living Myth.” See Heroes Journey/Monomyth in “Journeys” above.

9. What are synchronicities and how are they connected with “Everything happens for a Reason.”

10. Formally commit to the Circle. Can we depend on you? Can you use the Dedication in “Ritual” above;

11. IMPORTANT: Maintain records whether on your phone or a notebook with dividers to put rituals, projects, emails, etc. Oracles are your links to the Elders. You are going to Them to change your lives. You acquire the Oracle that meets these needs for you before you initiate. The notebooks are to record these oracular sessions whether they are private or from our coven gatherings. Please do not come for counsel either on the phone or in person if you do not have your notebook and can tell us what your oracles told you. 

12. Begin thinking about your HGA (your personal guide. i.e. Mine is Ayelward. Jung’s was Phileman. Crowley’s was Aiwass)

13. Read and be prepared to discuss:

14. Witchcraft has suffered a long time for its associations with a fabricated Satan. Be ready to unpack the Devil myths and discuss:

a) why the Jewish faith doesn’t believe in a devil;
b) who was King James;
c) Luciferian connections to Gnostic Abraxas (; Philemon Foundation above),
d) the male Luciferian myths’ evolution from the goddess Inanna;
e) Mithris contributions of Good/Evil to the West through Alexander the Great opening up the gates between Persia and the Mediterranean.
f) We need to talk about how much Catholic images aid or stifle our coven work.
g) About our fear of the metaphysical (see; what were the Burning Times? Be prepared to discuss.

***15. As a final note, I am embarrassed to find most of the hits on my site are around the Jamie Sams’ Medicine Cards I’ve input information directly from Jamie Sams books Medicine Cards and Sacred Path Cards specifically for coven use. I have found them to be powerful shamonic cards that help us when our members experience important changes. If you are interested in a deeper relationship with them, I would strongly suggest you get the 2 box sets for yourself. The money you spend to acquire these cards are donated to some outstanding causes.

Why did Christianity take hold in the Western culture? Read Luke 12:51: Do you think I have come to bring peace to the earth? No, I have come to divide people against each other.

nuf said…

Last Edited: 4/19/2017

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