The power that Butterfly brings to us is akin to the air. It is the mind, and the ability to know the mind or to change it.It is the art of transformation.

To use butterfly medicine, you must astutely observe your position in the cycle of self-transformation. Like Butterfly, you are always at a certain station in your life activities. You may be a the egg stage, which is the beginning of all things. This is the stage at which an idea is born but has not yet become a reality. the larva stage is the point at which you decide to create the idea in the physical world. The cocoon stage involves “going within”; doing or developing your project, idea, or aspect of personality. the final stage of transformation is the leaving of the chrysalis and birth. This last step involves sharing the colors and joy of your creation with the world.

If you look closely at what Butterfly is trying to teach, you will realize that it is the never-ending cycle of self-transformation. The way to discern where you are in the cycle is to ask yourself:

1) Is this the egg stage: Is it just a thought or idea?

2) Is this the larva stage: Do I need to make a decision?

3) Is this the cocoon stage: Am I developing and doing something to make my idea a reality?

4) Is this the birth stage: Am I sharing my completed idea?

By asking yourself these questions, you will discover how butterfly is relating to you at this moment. When you understand where you are, the symbol can teach you what to do next to continue in the cycle of self-transformation. If you have found the position through which you are cycling, you will see the creativity of Butterfly.

Using the air, or mental powers, or this medicine is done with ease. As an example, if you have been feeling exhausted and have asked how to heal your fatigue, take notice of the colors you have been drawn to recently. Does your body feel better in green? Could this mean that you need to eat more green vegetables? This type of thinking is an inspiration from Butterfly medicine.

Butterfly can give clarity to your mental process, help you organize the project you are undertaking, and assist you in finding the next step for your personal life or career. The main message to be obtained from drawing this symbol is that you are ready to undergo some type of transformation. To discern waht your next move is, use the Butterfly Spread.


If you have drawn Butterfly reversed, your lesson is a simple one. There is a need for change in your life that you are not recognizing. This could be a possible need for freedom, for a vacation, or for a new job. You may believe that change is too difficult, and you may rule it out to preserve the comfort of old habits. But in ruling out any possibility of change, you are saying that the courage of Butterfly has been lost. Why does Butterfly represent courage? Because there is a totally different world outside the cocoon, where the known realities of the chrysalis are no longer applicable. This new world demands that you use your newfound wings and FLY!

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