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ASET  writes:

It’s still an awesome feeling to put my knife to a woman’s throat. The whisper of a moan as I pull her hair. The quivering of her flesh as my blade travels across her body. The look of uncertainty as I flick her clit.

Tied to my bed I watch her eyes. The hunger, the need. My cane stings her ass and she raise her hips to meet it. Welcoming it! Strips of red paint her naked canvas. My sword makes its entrance out of the darkness. Too fast for her to register what I am about to do.

“Be still”, is my only warning. As I fuck her with the hilt of my sword. As she christened my sword with her flow I kiss her hard and passionately.

Soon she will return from ecstasy. Now she will know, if she did not before, I am Millarca. Firstborn, Vampyre, Sadist!

Rune Responds:

Her desire’s fire chills, exposed, open to the night air as the heat of her mystress wafts warm waves down the length of her nakedness. Trust abides here as sharp as the blade that proffers pressure sings the prayer that accompanies Millarca’s warnings. Listening intently, expecting acutely the touch that stings with a healing balm. She expects an “ouch” but unexpectedly receives a sigh of relief as each piqued passion quivers its path and rebuilds a mounting breath again taking another step higher. As she thinks yes! this time I’ll fly, her Mystress speaks “shhhh – not yet — soon — not yet. follow me a bit further and together we will reach a summit you have never seen before and… may never see again.”

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