Important Questions asked John Matthews regarding journeying:

What if I’m deluding myself?

Our society is unsupportive of people experiencing more than one reality.  Indeed, some people must be insulated from other kinds of reality for their own sanity — these places are called mental institutions or the real world, depending on your standpoint.  Things happen in meditation.  If you are seriously unhappy about anything which you experience, you are probably discovering things about yourself which life has shielded you from until now, and which your brain has hidden away in a back cupboard.  What you do about this is your responsibility.  If this much reality frightens you or makes you feel guilty or  disoriented to the point of delusion, then you should not be doing any meditation until you’ve sought help.  Alternatively, if you are able to trust the experience you are having, it will probably change very soon and you will understand things in ways which might not seem possible now.

How do I know what I see is right?

This course does not have one set of right answers.  Everyone experiences the otherworlds according to their capacity, experience and background.  However, that experience is broadly variable within certain confines.  If you are meditating and arrive at a place where a character gives you something, accept the first thing you see, even if it seems trivial or ludicrous.  Learn to ask questions.  Looking up symbols in a dictionary of symbols is pointless since your own symbolic values are personal to your own understanding. 

Meditation courses like this one are written to restore the meditator’s personal authority and to wean her off total reliance on sources which supply scenarios for all occasions.  The otherworlds are accessible to you.  Your own experience is your own pathway, your personal encounters with otherworld inhabitants are your own teaching scenarios.  Learn from your otherworld teachers, not from books which pretend to reveal all, but which just disempower the journeyer.


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