[1] Your magickal name: why’d you pick it?
My magical name is Thistle. I grew up on a farm in Indiana. Roaming the field was my joy and my solace. It was where I felt most connected to Something Bigger and it was from there that I traveled in my mind to far away times and places. In the meadows grew large thistles. These were a farmer’s bane and an invading nuisance to be kept out of the crops. But watching the bees fly among them, I was intrigued by the purple flowers that grew from these formidable plants, not showy like a peony nor delicate like a daisy, but simple and pretty in its own way. Carefully avoiding the sharp spines, I found the flowers to be very soft and smell most sweet. When ripe, they turned to the softest down and the seeds blew gracefully to all directions. It delighted me that such an intimidating plant contained such a lovely treasure when properly approached.

When I formally began my path, I read of the concept of a magical name. Thistle immediately popped into my head. Being one to follow intuition, I checked it out. Numerically, it fit with my life path number 3. The thistle is Scotland’s national emblem, playing a key role in its defense from the invading Norse, according to lore. It is also a plant that sustained the poor in time of famine. The artichoke is a delicious type of thistle. A formidable and tenacious plant, it is a symbol of strength, courageous defense, and deep rooted ideals. I am a strong willed and stubborn survivor. I hold fast to my Aquarian views of working toward the greater good. I often play a protective role in my personal and public communities. Tending toward directness, I am not afraid to stand up for myself and others. But I am also sensitive and nurturing and have spent much time and effort in service and caregiving. The symbol of the thistle is truth in advertising. The wise man experiences the flower, the fool gets the thorns.

[2] Why you’re interested in Coven Babylon? What caught your attention?
When Amanda proposed the forming of a Gardnerian coven, I welcomed the opportunity to learn more about this tradition and work with an elder of the community. I regret that I came later to the practice and have missed out on many things. I enjoy learning directly from those who have worked and experienced so much. It was something I heard of and read about, but to actually be a part of such a circle was very intriguing. It will be interesting to work with the other people in the circle and share what they bring to the table.

[3] What you feel you can contribute. Personal talents you bring to the table.
I am a roll up your sleeves and do it kind of person. I am practical and good at organizing. I am creative and have professional schooling and work experience in the creative fields. I’m a solid writer. I’m good at public speaking and performing. Empathy and connection are two of my biggest personal strengths.

[4] Traditions that you have experience?
My first formal introduction to the path was Karen Jackson’s Class in Magick and initiation into her Temple of the Four Winds, an earth-centered magical spiritual community offering classes and public and members only rituals. I was a very active member and a ritual leader for several public rituals.

I am a member of Terra Incognita and have participated in various events and rituals.

I am a member of Earth Traditions, a Pagan religious organization providing Wheel of the Year events, Rites of Passage, classes, and retreats for People of the Earth to experience spiritual connection and celebrate the sacred. I was the first graduate of their ministry training program and am working toward ordination as clergy.

I am also a member of the local Thelemic lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis.

[5] What are you looking to get out of participating in Babylon?
I enjoy working with and learning from other like minded practitioners of the magical arts. I am constantly learning and adding tools to my toolbox of magickal experiences. I wish to be of service to the community. I am committed to my growth as an individual, fostering my connection to the universe, and deepening my relationship with the Divine Mystery.

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