3D DEGREE: 21FEB2014

What is my magickal name and why did I choose it?

Adult Amanda

My magickal name is Rune. Years ago, as David, my husband after struggling with whether or not I was really a mystic or delusional, nicknamed me Runie when he bought me a ring of runic symbols. Later, when we were presented with Buckland’s challenge of choosing a name that numerically equaled our birth number, he suggested “Rune.” At first I thought it silly, but as I consciously allowed it to settle into my reality, I felt better especially as it perfectly fit my birthday. I can read Runes some, but my oracle of choice are the Tarot as my mother gave me my first deck when I was 10 so it is odd that David is so fascinated with the Nordic stones.

Why are you so interested in Coven Babylon?

I’ve been practicing chaos magick with a very small core through Terra Incognita. This is an opportunity to actually do the craft with other witches. Circling with my close friends has always been a fantasy and now, after close to 15 years, Terra Incognita has finished its mission and I can practice magick with those that have more in common with me. I am so excited!

What do you feel you can contribute? Personal talents you bring to the table.

I’m a chaos magician as well as a mystic so have models, vision and experience to offer a wider context. I’ve never before been able to work with a High Priest who was witchy. This is so much fun. Thank you Norman!!!!

Traditions that you have experience? OLD WOMAN IN THE SHOE

Perhaps not so much a tradition, but when I was 3 years old I had my first transcendental experience when our family went to a Mother Goose Theme Park. One of the exhibits was the Old Woman’s Shoe which consisted of a small single room with wallpaper print of a flight of stairs ending at a printed balcony overhead that ostensibly led to a doorway on the right. When I’d entered, there was a man with his daughter. The shoe wasn’t built to accommodate adults so they quickly exited and I was left alone staring at a small empty space without anything fun to play with.

Turning to leave I heard, “Psst, Amanda.” I looked around to see who called my name and there on the bottom of the stairway – printed on the wallpaper – 3 little girls about 6-7 years old in play dresses, waving at me and teasing each other while scampering up the stairs. Again they called “Amaaaandaaaa!” and there they were at the bannister over my head waving, leaning over to reach further out toward me before scampering out the door on the 2nd floor. Shocked, I rushed outside to my mother who snapped a picture with her Brownie camera as I left the shoe behind. This moment defined my life and motivated my every decision.

In 1999, my husband, David and I began channeling Aylward, who claimed to be a transcendant being who claimed to have always been a part of my life, whether as a specter or an imaginary friend. Using David’s body, he explained we had been on a mission and that we were going to be asked to bring in others. That was the beginning of Terra Incognita. Terra Incognita has been actively involved in community and magick for almost 15 years and we are now morphing. I am presently hoping to begin a new circle with Norman and those of my friends that I’ve been with for over a decade.

What are you looking to get out of participating in Babylon?

Community, more importantly Tribe, broaden my magickal knowledge, but more than anything? Share magick with those I’ve loved for all this time.

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