ForestiereYour magickal name: why’d you pick it?

The name that I’ve identified with for several years is Foresttrail. I chose Foresttrail by meditating and envisioning with what I most identified.     I love the serene feeling while in a forest, with the sounds of animals, the wind, the branches and leaves underfoot.  I love being on a trail where although you may not know exactly where you are, you do know that you are headed to somewhere others have also traveled.  There is a sense of discovery while at the same time a sense of security, that you are not really lost.  For the purposes of the Coven and to align my name with the numerology of my birth date, I am taking the name Forestiere  “Keeper of the forest”. My real name Silvano, means “from the forest”.  The name is present in Roman Mythology where Silvano is actually the god of the forest 😉 The name is also present in the Bible, New Testament where Silvano is a traveling companion of Paul.

My name was passed down to me through my grandfather, who saw an opera written in 1895 called “Silvano”.  My grandfather saw this much later in Trieste at 21 in 1918 while serving in the military.  He was so struck with the name that he named his son (my uncle) Silvano.  Silvano died in 1941 at the age of 17 due to a freak factory accident.
My mom was born in 1943 and was given the middle name of Silvana…. and in 1963 I finally got here.

Why you’re interested in Coven Babylon? What caught your attention?

I have had a connection to magick that goes back to my days living in Italy between the ages of 5 and 11.  Early while there, I discovered a whole world of “known” facts that locals just seemed to live with day to day.  If someone had an ailment, it was more common for them to go to a local woman for an oil droplets reading, and an herbal concoction remedy rather than a visit to the local doctor.  Concoctions might also often involve just the burning of different herbs bundled in a cloth of personal significance during a new or full moon.  I later came to discover that my own grandmother was one of these women, but however she was not one that you’d go to for curing an ailment, but one that you’d go to for creating one in someone you did not like…  During those 6 years I was witness to some pretty fantastical happenings, that were both very scary and some that at the same time were incredibly beautiful (while scary)… Because of the “scary” aspect of those events, my mind kind of locked away all of it and kept me from connecting with it all. Now that I am older, events in my life have shifted so that understanding and reconnecting with those experiences has become an important part for me, and Coven Babylon seems to have shifted into becoming my next destination as I travel along my forest trail.

What you feel you can contribute. Personal talents you bring to the table.

I am an artisan and have often been referred to as a renaissance man.  I love to work with my hands, and create things in a physical world.  I am a grounded individual, and in many ways “Of the Earth”.  I have a background in theatre, and with this find myself most comfortable in ceremonial expressions.  This includes a strong sense for environment, props, and vestments.

Traditions that you have experience?

I was born Roman Catholic.  In Italy I became an altar boy around the age of 7.  The ceremony of the mass and the mysticism surrounding the body and blood of Christ always fascinated me.  Later, in the US where the Roman Catholic mass was not the same and as ceremonial as in Italy, I crossed over to the Episcopal Church where they seemed to have maintained the richness of the mass where every Sunday is regarded as a high Sunday. For over the last 20 years, I have been involved in pagan experiences, where it is that I tend to feel the most grounded, and the most connected to the things that are important to me, such as the forces throughout nature that drive and influence our lives.  Forces, that when aware of and when working in synergy with can bring about great positive things in one’s life.  Throughout my travels I have been a member of Terra Incognita for almost ten years, and affiliated with GLEE in Ohio for over 2 years.  With that I have been interested in sacred sexuality, and have been a student of “sacred touch” through the scarlet sanctuary.

What are you looking to get out of participating in Babylon.

Through my participation in Babylon, I am looking to acquire the knowledge and experience that will bring me to a place where I can finally connect the past, present and future of all my life experiences into a power of certainty, and confidence, where I can both walk securely down the path of my life, and also mentor others so that they may do so with the same certainty and confidence. I wish to unite with a band of merry travelers that will travel alongside me to enrich those future experiences as we incorporate new tools and energies to unfold the mysteries that life has to offer.

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