My magickal name is GOMORY. It is the name of Lucifer’s oldest daughter. I am Amanda’s friend for over a year now,and I am a member of Terra Incognita and House of Swords: Millarca’s temple.

I have experience with energy healing. I completed 2 levels of VORTEX healing. I read the Tarot, do dream interpretation, practice meditation on daily basis, and full moon rituals with my magickal  partner.

I am familiar with GLEE and attended Lyn and Julien’s handfasting ritual.

My interest in a coven and my general philosophy on magick and worship of Gods,is best summarized in these quotes from a book on Egyptian magick. The book is: SACRED MAGIC .

…”one of the implications of this spiritual technology-Sacred Science-was the TRANSFORMATION OF THE HUMAN FORM INTO A VEHICLE FOR HIGHER FUNCTIONS. In the words of the Egyptians,it was a process of “making gods”…..

…daily life in ancient Egypt encompassed far more than attendance to personal need or social duty. Egyptians had a DEEP REGARD FOR DIVINE LIFE and a DESIRE TO COMMUNICATE WITH ITS POWERS…..the conscious participation with these forces was viewed as the supreme accomplishment.”…

(I could not have said it better)

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