Hello everyone,

Below are drawings showing 3 different ways to construct an Athame 
The copper used is 1/8″ thick.  The process starts with deciding what you want your blade to look like.  It should be a 2 sided blade, and it should be approximately 1″ wide and 6″ long. You can also design what the guard will look like for that will also be made out of the same 1/8″ copper.

The drawings show very basic designs, however yours should be whatever you want it to be.  The only restriction is to try and stay within the size shown. If you really have unique ideas and desires to go outside the size requirement, contact me and we’ll see what can be done.

Also, one of the drawings show a pommel.  The pommel is optional and can be part of either handle choice.  Regarding the pommel, it can be an object you already own like a stone.  However keep in mind that it needs to be attached securely to Athame, and the ideal way of doing that is to drill some sort of hole in the pommel.

Other options are that the handle can be made out of layered materials, such as wood, then bone, or the bone can be inlaid into the wood.  Also, a series of discs or rings can be slipped onto the handle, perhaps over a fitted dowel.  The rings can actually be rings you would wear on your fingers that have special significance to you.

Items can also be strung through a lanyard which is tied to the handle right before the pommel…

In this project the design, materials, and construction of the handle are completely up to you.  I will assist you in developing your ideas, sourcing materials, and in machining spindles, drilling holes, etc..  Material choices, acquisition, and final finishing however are completely up to you.

Once you have a drawing of your blade and guard, email it back to me including the general sizes you would like it to be or I will assume 1″ x 6″ and scale it appropriately.  You may also send me a picture of a blade that you found on the internet, and I will try to duplicate it.  At this point I will also need what style of handle you wish to have, so that I can cut out the appropriate shape out of the copper.

After the copper is cut, you will need to file on edge onto it. (I will show you how) The edge does not need to be sharp, buy then the edge probably should not be sharp since the Athame is an energetic tool. Even the fact that copper is a soft metal that will not maintain an edge very well shows it to have a symbolic edge however place your own energy on the blade;  this will make the Athame truly your own.

Our goal is to have all our blades cut out and many of the materials gathered before our meeting on March 23 so our meeting can be a productive workshop.
Please feel free to contact me with questions as you work on this, and I can be available to meet you one on one to help you develop your Athame.

You can call me at708-655-1702, or you can email me anytime.

Yours in Energy and Light,


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