Name ~ Al Rush
Magical Name ~ Orishas

Interests ~ Haitian vodou (Lwa), Healing/Massage (Light/ Smudge/ Water/ Crystal), Sacred Sex, Divination, MDMA research

About Me

I am in service to the Lwa, the divine spirits of Africa. The day that I was called to service was recent within the past year; the day I was called to walk a magical path was long before in my late teens. I perform a solitary rite under the full moon sky clad & called upon the spirit of Goddess to guide my steps. For the most part, I enjoy learning and I take what I do seriously and keep in company people who can appreciate that aspect about me. Healing & cleansing, divination, and the Lwa are my areas of intent. Where energy and forces converge in spirit, there I shall be.

Why are you in Babylon?

Mmm, invited for one. 🙂 I could make up a generic tale of living the life long dream of joining a coven, but more honest and to the point, threads of fate feel like guiding steps on a convergence of magical souls working together for bigger dreams beyond ourselves. I am here to work magic with like minds of sincere heart, learn about ritual, and remember the best of our long slumbered heritage to keep close for an awakening world. When it comes to ritual, it’s serious business and I put my all into communing with spirit.

What would you contribute to Babylon?

I bring a few interests that I am passionate about, the first in restoration of the divine feminine into open awareness for the unbiased sake of learning and I have much on this area of interest. I will also bring knowledge of the Lwa, spirits whose roots are in Africa deep. Sacred sex is a powerful interest, working to undo the damage spiritless people have done about the healing aspects of sexuality and to restore trust and establish sacred spaces between gender identities.

 Tradition(s) of which you have experience?

Started off as a solitary, moved to explore Celtic, Norse, and Slavic magic systems in particular the magic of elves, then the Lwa called so actively studying the ways of vodou, Haitian vodou with future plans to learn deeper.

 What are you looking to get out of Babylon?

A connection, a connection to kindred spirits that are passionate about magic as I am and who adores Goddess energy as much as I do. 🙂

 What happened in your early teens that let you know you were magickal?

Magic called me in at an early age and I to it. A natural attraction. I was pretty much in the dark about witchcraft, magic, and goddess studies until college when I decided to commit fully to this journey. A full moon ritual, I called up the Goddess. As above, so below; as beneath, so high above. It was there that I peacefully told the works of lies that I am no longer in need of their services and embrace the warmth of Goddess instead. It is a belief held dear and continues to burn bright to this day.

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