I first developed a sense for my magickal abilities when I was a young girl…I always had a connection to the esoteric and my imagination was rampant. However when I starred as ‘Bunny Sue’ as a third grader, I could feel the powerful connection between the audience and myself as I performed on stage. Back then, I didn’t possess the faculties to describe exactly what I was experiencing, but in retrospect, I would compare my performance on stage to a ritual I conducted. Like a priestess, I set a reciprocal rhythm, pace, and tone of the evening by invoking or conjuring the enthusiasm/energy of my audience who equally and actively engaged in the play or, the ‘ceremony’ of the play (whether it was through singing, call and response, applauding, or even the intermission). I feel this is why I am so drawn to the theater- its a magickal, powerful tool that has the ability to tap into and transform the power of its audience through their engagement. Its also how I connect with people, and even heal them, through the power of drama, which is what I believe a ritual and raising energy (to direct and manifest intention) fundamentally is.

So, I’m here to  continue my magickal practices and to learn more.

I can contribute my passion and enthusiasm, as well as my magickal intent and energy.
I have been a member of TI as senior priestess for 8 years. I also have a background in participating in Reclaiming workshops/classes.
I am looking for a priesthood to join with people who share similar experiences, goals, and intentions magickally.

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