Tan – the tension between two polarities –
Tra – Extension beyond: In root of 3. Hindu (trimurti: 3 fold aspect of god)

entimology How the universe is created
Beyond that to the source – the Metaphysical dark energy of what we call home. (Heaven)

beginning of tantra Satiric traditions: Vedic seers (1700 BC) drew from word of mouth from ancient system.
Writing in Indus Valley – 2500 BC In the characters you see Shiva in meditation pose. Animals there and considered sacred. This not the same.

Tantric waters draw from Northern Indian cultures probably Dravidian = Indus Valley and IndoEuropean tribes appeared used Soma as mind altering substance. Shamans wanted to go to transcending states in nature.

Human consciousness (ramapithicus) make a walking talking 60000 BC. thoughts are the fruit of the tree of good and evil. maybe actually in the tree of life. ingesting in forbidden substance.

Ram Das saw a seer in Himilayas. His mother dies and felt horrible. didn’t believe in gurus. Guru recounted to him his thoughts he had of his mother’s death. Ram das transformed his thoughts about what’s possible. Tantra at the root within the teachings of the , chakras, subtle body, kundalini, somati (awakening).

Sagioli – Egg diagram
Somati – Sameness: There is a divine ONENESS (interconnectedness) not everything different

Vedics say we descended from gods. Ancient Sages seers. Origin of Tantric thought and meditation discovered at that time

Yoga: reunite body, mind with soul.

Tantra can get this knowledge in this lifetime. Dark karmic patterns through wrong thinking. Teacher’s job is to help student untangle those knots until they reach their liberation.

Hindus word is a Moslum Persians. Sanata Dharma was the original name.

Labini area of Sidhartha wanted to serve his people. He wanted ultimate truth and went to the forest to learn from yogis. had his own Somati and wanted to teach others this through language. Some of his disciples got his thoughts psychically transmitted.

Buddhist tantric teaching says there was an esoteric teaching transmitted. He taught the basics to people, but disciples got the advanced teachings psychically. Buddhists tantrics began writing tantric texts about wholistic thinking traditions. These Buddhist tantrics were marginalized because they were about

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