If you haven’t figured it out, this coven is not a sanctuary but a working entity. You work your magick and combine your psychic energy with others who are energetically vibrant. Meaning, Amanda, what does this MEAN exactly? The work is the point.

Think of Coven Babylon as a lump of clay that’s being shaped by deity. That’s what I claim. I keep saying “form follows function” because a magickal entity can not exist when the structure becomes the point. Any true “Magickal” would understand the necessity for flexibility of a magickal vessel. What makes the vessel truly magickal, though, is that its form can stretch to not only stay defined, but can also successfully be magickally useful. Its also true that I need a magickal vehicle that is made up of community. That’s the kind of witch I am. The reason you are here with me is because you also use a communal kind of magick. With your help and Norman’s wiccan keys, I started building this entity which is designed to transcend wicca as a sort of repository for incantations and rituals to a breed of egragore that will serve our individual purposes. It can happen because as each of us initiates, our psyches become a living part of the greater “being.” And that being has a higher purpose than our individual agendas. That’s why there even is a Coven Babylon.







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