First Level
Pagan Way


The candidates sit in meditation in a room not far from
the temple. They are blindfolded and robed.

The Priest and Priestess cast the circle in the usual
The HPS invokes the god and the goddess:

“Descend upon us this this night in all your radiant power.
We invoke your aid in this rite
We perform in your name,
Welcoming those who seek your worship
Into our midsts.”

All visualize (god and goddess) descending into the circle.
HP says:

“Blessed Be those within the circle.
Cleanse thy heart and mind,
That only truth be spoken,
That only truth be heard.”

HPS and HP bless members.

Candidates are brought to the edge of the circle.
HPS opens circle, and blesses candidates with
Pentagram of fire and says:

Do you seek the way?
Will you serve the Goddess and reverence
the God?
Will you guard that which is shown you
from the unworthy?

Candidates: I do and shall.


“Then I ask into this sacred circle in
this holy place.
Be you ever aware that from this day
your life must be dedicated to the service
of the gods.”

Additional Readings


“Your soul has wandered in Darkness,
the light of knowledge.
You have entered upon a path where
you shall find the light
Child of Earth, listen to the Words of the


“Unbalanced Power is the ebbing away of
life !
Unbalanced mercy is the weakness and the
Fading out of the will.

Unbalanced Serenity is cruelty and the
barrenness of mind.

Standing between pillars
Neophite kneels.

I come in the power of the Light.
I come in the Light of Wisdom.
The Light hath Healing in its Wings.

Lord of the Universe – the Vast & Mighty
One !

Ruler of the Light & the Darkness Great
Mother and Great Father

We adore Thee and we invoke thee.

Look with favor on this initiate who
now kneeleth before thee.

And grant aid into the higher
Aspirations of his/her soul.”

“You are the Element Earth
(cords initiate men
HP cords initiate women)

Know you the Way of the Paganni.”

(here read pagan points)

You shall know that everything in the universe, every form of being, is magnestically linked and contains the divine essence.

You shall harmonize with the forces of nature, celebrate the changes in seasonal ritual, and direct these forces for your own benefit and that of others.

You shall know that it is the honor of nature and the honor of the gods that make you become more fully alove.

All members stand around in a circle, join hands, circle around and say:

Eko,Eko, Azarak
Eko, Eko, Zomelak
Eko, Eko, Gananas
Eko, Eko, Arada.

HPS places sword at cadidates throat and says:

“In the name of the Lady and those covenanted to Her, I place this threefold charge upon you: To know the Goddess and the God: To love the Goddess and her consort, and through the knowledge of the Way, to serve the ancient ones.
Do you, ________ freely accept this charge?”

Initiates are unblindfolded and given the HP makes the sign of the Pentacle with the wand or sword.

HPS says:

“I welcome you to the way of the ancient ones, to the fold of the old religioins, into the house of the pagans. Hear ye our charges:

Your first duty is that which we have said above, but there is another law and it is

“Do as you wilt, so long as you hurt no other”.

Do you acccept this, and swear to abide by it?

Initiates: “We do.”

HPS: Then I welcome you into our midst.

Five fold kiss, to each. Return to the larger circle.

(here continue regular initiation)

Men: “I am the sun. I have finished my journey
in the
South. I again cross the equator and return to the

Women: “The winter has been cold and long, and
Now it will begin to turn green. No the god is

Men: “Behold the miracle. The pregnant goddess
given the god birth and again become a maid, again
the earth has become a fresh young virgin.”

Women: “It has always been so. It is the mystery
the great one.”

HP: “Let us give thanks and sacrifice to the god
goddess for this miracle.”

Elemental Eucharist

dancing, with blessing of feast for all

close circle

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