This is a meditation-visualization ritual designed exclusively for our three Babylonian priestess currently representing the three aspects of the Triple Goddess; the Maiden, the Maven-Mother, and the Crone.

It begins with the three sitting down in a very tight circle: knees almost touching, hands holding each others on both sides. The Maiden sits at the left hand of Mother-Maven, the Crone sits to her right hand.  Use chairs or on floor w/ pillows.

I began by talking about relaxing the body so that the mind can follow. We practice the art of closing ones eyes and lowering the head, this is to assist in cutting off any outside interference. We also work in our ritual breathing, counting off the in and out rhythms, which goes like this … “Breath in, and now exhale. Back in, and back out. Keep your breathing rhythm steady; even, slow and steady. Keep your eyes closed, your head lowered comfortably. Breath in, and now exhale. In, and out (continue one minute)”.

“Now, what we want to do is find ways of beginning to empty our minds – tricks on cleaning up our brains slate, so to speak. All those regular, normal thoughts and images now flashing through your mind as I speak need to be pushed aside, sublimated. Even my voice need to be barely tolerated. You need to begin slowing down your brains input as you clear up and refresh you mind”.

“But lets check our breathing on last time before we begin the ritual. So, again – yes – breath in,and out, in, and exhale; keep it simple, slow and steady. Lets make sure the eyelids are fully closed and comfortable, with the head lowered. Yes.”

“Now lets proceed with cleaning out your brain tubes, Lets start by clearing away all those ‘regular thoughts’; all those images and words about friends and family, food and today’s chores. All that stuff. Identify those thoughts and then slowly, mentally erase them, like erasing a blackboard.”

“Hey, keep your breathing slow and steady. Keep your head bent down, your eyelids closed. Relax your body.”

“It’s time now to chase away all those regular, day-to-day thoughts. Listen, you really need to do this if this ritual is going to work at all. So picture your minds slate – like that blackboard, and visualize you erasing all those, small, nagging, if necessary details of your every day life. You really need to accomplish this right now, so that you can focus on something very new and very big that is going to impact your life in just a few minutes. Lets keep cleaning! Watch those pesky thoughts diminish! Keep your brain clean of random interference now.”

(I stand up) “Whats going on now, is that I am preparing to gently squeeze the left hand of our ‘Maiden’. – Emi To the Crone – sitting at the Maidens left hand, you will NOT respond to this squeezing – it does not affect you in any way! Your time will come soon enough.”

“Breathe slowly and steadily, Goddess: you need to stay aware now, and be ready. Keep cleaning your minds. (30 seconds max respite) Now I am going to lift and squeeze the left hand of the Maiden, which is how we will start this ritual. After my initial squeeze, all remaining squeezes will come from the three of you. I will have no further physical part in the ritual. Keep a blank slate, please, all of you; especially the Maiden, for now is your turn to see the future of Babylon Coven.” (I pick up and squeeze the hand of the Maiden)

“Now that your hand has been squeezed. Maiden, and image will begin to be revealed to you – something related to the work of Babylon Coven – related to our work as a group. This image is beginning to reveal itself to you now; it is starting to show up on your minds ‘blank slate’. If you are still cluttered up with your personal stuff, there wont be much room for your vision.You really need to jettison the luggage and accept this incoming vision, because it is of Babylon, and you are a huge part of Babylon.” (5 – 10 seconds silence)

“As the image now starts to gel, it begins to make some sort of sense with you, Maiden. You may see a pattern, or a figure that you identify with; you might bear witness to something you have never encountered before. Whatever it is, your vision remains, at this point, unknown to all but you. Once the image becomes crystal clear (or, apparently as clear as it is going to get), you need to memorize this image as best you can, Once you have it memorized and ‘know your vision‘, you must hold up your right hand and squeeze. This squeezing immediately transfers all attention to the priestess on your right; namely the Maven/Mother Aspect.” Millarca (Maiden holds up her right hand, squeezes Mothers left hand)

“Its now the Maven-Mother focusing on an image forming itself in her mind. This image does not have to be the same image the Maiden had. It will have something to with the future work of Babylon Coven. This image is strictly that of the Maven-Mother Aspect.” Pause— “So, Mother, concentrate on your image. and when this image is fully crystallized in your memory (or as clear as it apparently can get), you need to memorize this image as best you can, then it is time for you to hold up and squeeze your right hand. This will transfer all attention to the priestess on your right, namely the ‘Crone‘.” Amanda (Mother-Maven holds up right hand & squeezes it)

“And now, to the Crone! It is your aspect that will complete this triadic journey, which in turn will initiate new quests in the future. For now, let us await what you may have gathered from your vision of the incoming image. Your vision, like the others, will have something to do with the future working of Babylon Coven.” Pause— “Once the vision is crystallized (or as clear as you can make it) memorize your image before letting us know this ritual is ending. You will signal the ending by raising your right hand and squeezing, thereby completing the circuit of the covens energy.” (Crone squeezes her hand – the ritual is complete)

“The ritual has completed its circle. Its time to skry the results of our work. Come back now, you three daughters of the moon. Lift up your heads, open your eyes and look around the room. You can release your hold on the hands of your circling partners. Please stretch out your limbs. Breathe normally, As you relax, I want each of you to remember the vision you beheld just moments ago. Loosen up your body, but focus hard on those images you saw during the ritual. Alright now I am going to give each of you a small booklet and a pen.” (Does so)

“Now, I ask that each of you move away from our makeshift circle to find momentary seclusion in some area of this room. There, in privacy, you shall fill out the simple questionnaire that has been prepared for you. When you are done filling it out to the best of your ability, you can return to the circle & hand in your paperwork” (When all 3 return)

“We now have have our three written responses. But before we read them, I would like to ask each of you what your personal journey felt like and looked like to you as you progressed into out ritual. What did you see; what did you think? How do you feel right now?”

“Ok, so  who wants to share their experience first?” (someone says ‘I will’) “Ok. But we will need to document these visions. Danielle – take this scribe sheet & write down what is said here now!” (Danielle take scribe sheet & pen) “Alright. Tell us what you experienced.” (she tells, scribe writes) “Thank you. Now lets let our scribe write down our second persons experience.” (second person describes experience) “Thank you. Now to our 3rd person, share with us what you saw and felt.” (3rd person shares her experience)

“Ok. Now we are going to sign the front of our packets, then lets open them up & share them. (all open their packets & everybody studies them)

A) “So, what are the similarities, if any?” (Danielle – scribes the answer)

B) “What are the comparisons or aspects to each other, if any?” (scribe the answer)

C) “What results here appear to have little or nothing to do with issue(s) at hand?” (scribe answers)


“How can we make this ritual more effective?” (scribe feedback) “Would you do this ritual again?” (scribe answer)


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