Spring starts with the quest within the Realm of the Sword at the Sword castle. Our guides here are the Sword family, accompanied by the White Hart, we learn from the Round Table, we encounter the wisdom of the Cauldron and experience the illumination of the Moon. The Sword itself is guarded by the Lady of Lake. You will need the following:

The entire Sword suit
The Lady of the Lake
The White Hart
The Round Table
The Cauldron
The Moon


Sword HallowSword Ten Speaks:

Who crosses the sword-bridge is impelled by necessity or love. Great remedies require great deeds.

Like all the castles except the Grail, the Sword castle can only be accessed by the bridge. The castle keeps people out, but our quest is motivated by personal need and impersonal love of creation.

There is no easy way to begin our quest, save by a personal dedication of service which clears the way save by a personal dedication to service which clears the way. Our dedication must become our bridge.

Once we enter into the Sword Castle, we will find what kind of gifts lie in its treasury for us to discover. As we journey out from the castle in search of the Sword Hallow, we may find parts of our life which have dictated our response and perhaps distorted our focus. We begin to understand our life’s direction by means of the Greater Powers whom we encounter in this landscape and we welcome the guidance of the Hallow Family whose qualities reflect the aspirations of our quest. The Sword Hallow itself is a true mirror, showing our life’s direction with unswerving truth.


  1. What crises surround you at present—as a person, as a citizen of your land, as a human being upon planet earth?
  2. What opportunities for total change lie in your grasp?
  3. If you were supremely daring and courageous what actions would you take now to remedy the problems of the first question?


  1. Take the Rainbow path of the Seeker and enter the innerworlds until you come to a cross-roads. Both Northern and Southern Hemisphere readers take the Eastern road. Travel until you come to the Sword Ten, following the Rainbow Path.
  2. Enter the Sword Ten card and go inside the Sword Castle. Describe what you find inside. Who or what is within? Explore.
  3. Within the Sword Castle there is a locked room that is rarely opened. Find the key and go inside. There is a book in which the deeds of your present incarnation are detailed. Take two sheets of paper. On the left-hand one list he deeds which have upset the lives and circumstance of others, bringing imbalance or disharmony into the world. Do not indulge in guilt, but look at your list dispassionately.


On the right-hand page, write down what you are currently doing to keep your existence harmonious. You may also want to write down the ways in which you wish to bring restitution or harmony to situations that you have helped unbalance. Destroy the left-hand page and put the right-hand one into your book of life.


  1. Fly aloft with the hawk and look down over the realm of the Sword—what do you see? What does the land look like? Which areas look healthy, which need attention?







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