VI The White HartThe White Hart Speaks: Follow me: I will lead you to fields of delight. Long ago I was crowned and caparisoned as the messenger of the lists of love. I am the desure that impels your feet to follow. I am the fleeting glimpse of paradise. The collar about my neck is linked with the gold of loving service, the fealty of friendship on your quest.

The White Hart is the Otherworldy messenger of spiritual adventure and purity of love. It is the symbol of the hunt on all levels, denoting the vision of inner beauty. Amour or pure love, eros or erotic love desire and duty are some of the ways it manifests. Emotional ties and trust in our quest are the golden chain which lead us onwards. It represents the way in which unequal affections can be balanced by compassionate dedication.

The White Hart is the messenger to bring us into the heart of our quest. It helps us rediscover our youthful desire which can be honed from naïve enthusiasm intoa sword of true power. Ask the White Hart to hep you turn the sword into a weapon of love’s service that your vision may be kept bright.

The White Hart is one of the prime animals of Celto-Arthurian tradition. Its appearance betokens a thinning of the eil or reality between the worlds. Like the Unicorn which is rarely seen, the White Hart usually leads the quester into the Otherworld. It represents the quarry of our desire. If we pursue it long enough, we will learn dedication and commitment, respct and grace. It bestows rich gifts with great simplicity and opennes of heart.


  1. Follow the path from Sword Three until you come to the woods wherein you find the White Hart. Commune with it and learn its nature. The White Hart will be your guide upon this Sword quest and you can ask it for help or advice.
  1. Become one of the lovers in the picture. Standing opposite you in this wood is your best beloved. What is the greatest thing you can offer him/her?
  1. Before you pass onwards, ask a gift of the White Hart. This gift may apear as a symbolic object. If you don’t understand what the gift signfies. Ask.


Create a reading which uses 10-15 cards, including the Sword Maiden, Sword Two and Three, The White Hart and Sword Ten, drawing upon the pack at random to make up the number cards required. Use some of the themes you have explored to stand for position meanings. Or create a story in which you yourself are a character, in which these cards appear, sting other cards at random or by choice as needed.



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