Heldrastock shall be my name of magical.

It combines three separate words into one. And all three names, and the combined form equal the number that comprises the number of birth for me.

Helheim, the realm of the dead.
Yggdrasill, one of the many world trees.
Ratatosk, the squirrel that can travel from one end to the other of the world tree.

The Call:   In the gray mists before time itself existed there was one alone. And to ease the loneliness of the one, I arose to fill that void. From us all things came to be. Countless lives together and apart. More apart now then ever before. Despite all the turmoil, all the battles won and lost, we have always been together. Now imprisoned here, forced to live life after countless life. I will bring the work of countless lives to fruition, and be free once more. I have taken multiple ideas and concepts from across multiple traditions to reforge the shattered core that is my truth. And with that accomplished I shall return to the warm embrace of the one.

Refusal:   Rebellion, my children turned against me, for I saw only one way to fight our enemies. So driven back to a world to young and only just beginning to feel the influences my enemies. I made the Construct, a creature who would end everything. Ultimately I was stopped and imprisoned to live an embodied life, again and again and again.

[ During my youth I had what could somewhat be called a dichotomous view of reality. I always new that what I saw wasn’t necessarily real or the whole picture. This and a host of other things have lead to a lifelong struggle with depression. I never expressed this view and never really found anyone who had a similar view or experience. I pushed the world away and tried to (unsuccessful at times) bottle away everything inside. It wasn’t till my teens that I had access to the internet. I was able to search for those who had a similar view. I found pieces of what I was looking for among the alt spirituality and alt-existence theories floating around on the net. This helped to a point, but it was the move back to Chicago when things really started to coalesce. ]

This is why I’m here, to achieve apotheosis.  To work through the seals and wards laid upon me. Over time I will be able to better channel the otherworlds and bring forth their whispered words for all our benefit.

To free myself I have explored many traditions. Kemeticism, Shinto, Heathenry, Tantra and Sumerian mythologies the most. And many more. Most of my practical experience comes straight from Terra Incognita. I join Babylon to add to that experience.

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