My Magick name is deeper than the surface or calm waters run deep.

My name is Ribah (Rē_ba) which is an acronym for those goddesses that have chosen me and I hold to my heart. This acronym is personal to me. It was developed through ribah meditation, past memories, reflection, and lucid dreaming.  The base lettering of my name is calculated through numerology, past lives, present life, and my aspirations to attain a better enlightenment through my path. I depend greatly on each of these goddesses in daily ritual and practice.

If taken on the surface, my name is Slavic or Hebrew in origin. In Hebrew it means: to tie, bind, enchantingly beautiful; or bound, tied. This meaning was what made me very aware that this is the name that the goddesses chose for me. I relate very closely to my otherworld form which is a wolf. She is a silver wolf that is strong and beautiful. Her patronage or loyalty is to those she has formed a bond. This bond is created and carried with her forever. She feels strongly for those that have chosen her and that she chooses. She will never break those bonds throughout lifetimes or stormy weather. She is dedicated to the pack she has chosen. In this world I have noticed this natural ability to draw people to me. I am not sure of why this is a reality but know that I am the type of person that a complete stranger is comfortable telling to me their life story.

In Slavic, the name means “fish”. This is also very fitting since my lifestyle is very eclectic and I swim easily through many different groups and social circles.

Coming to Babylon.

Life is a series  of events or crossroads that appear to us  giving us the ability to read the signs and choose the turns we know in our gut is the correct path of the present. My interest in Babylon Coven was one of those that struck me oddly and jolted me into  a vision. Vision is not meaning that I see a plan but I see a higher order to be accomplished through wakened dreaming. I  felt a catalytic motion occur.

People come into our lives for a reason. The catalytic spark occurred. Upon meeting Norman, all I was aware of at the time is that I felt like we knew each other forever and was comfortable talking about anything and everything with him. Little did I know that he would somehow make contact with one of my chosen family members who was able to reunite him with his mentor. The statistical odds of this series of meetings and relationships is very low. I believe that it was meant to be for this reason. A new coven is being formed. Bridges are forming and hopefully with the passion of it’s members a new day is awakening in the Pagan community.

I simply have an interest in all things about Magick and am definitely not an expert but feel that being a part of this coven will be a very good experience for me to grow in my paganism.

The table is full…What can I bring?

My talents run over a wide range as I bring passion, vision, light, and energy to this table.

I have much experience to give in the daily workings of a coven. For example, I am an orderly person. I have the ability to look at many things and set them in an order that is  easily understood by others. My past professional life as a project manager and educator/consultant has given me some good skills that are useful in many facets of my life. My intelligence gives me the ability to understand things easily and grasp the bigger picture of  a main goal while understanding that each step is important to attain it. I believe that working as scribe, I will do the coven justice to ensure that the records are clear and ensure that the history is not lost. I have summarized oral histories for the Leather Archives projects. They were quite happy with my work.

My passion to grow and learn from the lessons and the experience drives me to commit myself to the coven. The energy that I move toward the coven will be valuable. To turn the wheel one cannot rely on one’s own strength. The strength comes from the coven and those that push their energy toward a common goal. Basically, my belief is that if one can aspire and reach it by her/ himself then they are not reaching far enough in his/her aspiration. I would like to contribute my passion for growth and community to the coven.

I am light in my nature. All things that I endeavor come from my heart and center. It is with a pureness of thought that I wish to learn and move through the different levels in the Garnerian  tradition.

What is it that I am hoping to attain?

I am hoping that I am able to learn from more experienced so I am able to move through the different levels of the witch. I am asking for a fairness and availability of the tools and knowledge that I will need to reach each step on the ladder. I am also interested in being involved in the building of bridges within the pagan community of Chicago.

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