So, I’ve been thinking lately about the bridge between materialists and mystics. The point here is the importance of being conscious while participating in a magickal rite as potent as Sex Magick — especially while using a vehicle for bringing down a “god.” The materialists in any group of mystics can be vital because materialists force mystics to be conscious of what they’re doing. Even in magick seeing more clearly (The Tarotic Sun) aides immensely in the sexual magician (The Tarotic Magus) performing the rite with more accuracy and potency.

Clarity between the magickal and practical world (The Kabbalistic deity’s descent between the World of Intelligence and The Natural World) can be demonstrated with a Gestalt shift:

First verbally: There’s a joke I learned as a child which goes:

The Lone Ranger is riding out in the plains with his good friend Tonto when he find himself heading towards a whole bunch of Indian warriors riding full speed on horseback. They turn their horses to the right and see another whole bunch of Indian warriors riding full speed toward them on horseback so they turn to the left. They see again a whole bunch of Indian warriors riding full speed toward them on horseback and turn back to the way they came and find themselves surrounded by hostile Indians. He turns to his friend and says “What do we do now Tonto?” to which Tonto replies, “What you mean We Kemosabe?”

Apparently, when the script writers were first developing the concept of the Lone Ranger for radio, they wanted the name given him by his trusty scout to mean He Who Nobody Knows. But when they came up with Kemosabe, it unwittingly became a bastardization for Quien no sabe – translated from Spanish meaning He Who Knows Nothing… Such the dangers of bastardizing something you don’t understand.

Further, in Spanish, Tonto means Fool. We’re not going to talk about our concepts of Indians in the early to mid 20th Century, but what is really interesting to me is thinking magickally and how magick seems to emerge in our practical world whether or not we make it happen that way conscIously. What are we saying when the Indian is the Fool and the Lone Ranger the Magus? And what role does each play in magick? According to Kabbalah, that which emerges from Ain Sof or the Collective Unconscious is the most pure and without agenda. The mental processes then “sees” the relationship between Tonto and the Lone Ranger in a whole different light.

I’ve been contending that Tarot cards are Flash Cards for deep Magickal rites and everyone that participates in them either as a reader or the one being read is part of a learning process. The images are a snapshot of any life situation and prioritizes it for the subconscious to see things in a specific way. You may not be conscious that you’re participating in the great controversy the Christians first initiated by bastardizing something they didn’t or want to understand. This was further triggered by McKenzie codifying the cards. As I’ve shown in a previous post, we now follow both McKenzie’s agenda and Waite’s when he changed it to further bastardize a process thricefold after the Christians and McKenzie.

That’s how our minds work. Words are the symbols that embed concepts into will. A much more efficient process is through images. Just watch your mind shift between the duck and rabbit. That’s why magick works so well with your mind.

But it is further ramped when a human mind integrates with an energy being. Transformation can’t happen without energy. The reality of whether or not energy can be conscious is a gestalt shift. The fact that energy relates differently in whether or not you are engaged with it is demonstrated by the Double Slit Experiments they’ve done with light. For us to go from our natural world into the Collective Unconscious (World of Intelligence) we need to allow ourselves a Gestalt Shift.

Whether we’re thinking about participating in Sex Magick with a person who practices from a purely practical level, intertwining mind and will or take to the level of plugging into a foreign energy consciousness the more both the magus and the scout know about what they’re doing, the better the rite will work.

So Mote it Be

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