Arranged on the Altar are:
North candle
a pair of altar candles, one at each side
the chalice of red wine or mead
the wand, the scourge of leather cords
a small bowl of water
a small bowl with a little salt in it
the cords (1st degree white, 2nd degree black, 3d degree red)
The white-handled knife
each witch’s individual athame
incense burner; hand bell
the sword, on the floor in front of the altar, or on the altar itself.

A supply of chosen incense, and matches or a cigarette-lighter, should be handy by the altar.

A candle is placed at each of the East, South and West points of the circumference of the Circle, completing the four elemental candles which must burn throughout the ritual. (The elemental placings are East, Air; South, Fire; West, water; and North, Earth.)

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