GOMORY hands MARA each element as MARA calls in the watchtowers while lighting each directional candle that burns throughout the service.

GOMORY hands MARA the water which MARA brings to each individual in the circle and spritzes the person with water. “Feel the water which refreshes and replenishes our souls as I call in the East. Welcome Water.” She lights the Fire in the East and returns to the Altar.

GOMORY then hands MARA the candle which MARA brings to each individual in the circle for them to run their hands through the flame.Feel the flame. She says, “The flame purifies and impassions as I call down the South. Welcome Fire.” She then lights the fire in the South and returns to the altar.

GOMORY then hands MARA the stick of incense. MARA goes to each person while saying: “Smell the incense. It aids in calling in air which  brings us the air which clears our minds of outside concerns so we can focus on our working. Welcome air.  She then lights the candle in the West and returns to the Altar.

GOMORY then hands MARA a bowl of soil“Now I’m calling down the North, feel the Earth that’s in this bowl. Earth manifests our intent”  and each person around  the circle will run their fingers through the earth in the bowl.  “Welcome Earth.” She then lights the directional candle.

MARA returns the bowl to the Altar and takes her place in the circle.

As MARA releases the elements while opening the circle she starts with Earth/North going counterclockwise and says, “Thank you for you joining us Earth” and blows out the candle. Goes to the western candle. “Thank you for joining us Air” blows out the candle and turns to the south. “Thank you for joining  us fire” blows out the candle. Then lastly goes to the east. “Thank you for joining us water” and blows out the candle and returns to the circle.


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