I am the bright storm, the whirlwind that clears the path and provides flashes of insight to light your way.

I am the fool that dances on the edge of the precipice. Will today be the day that I lose my footing? My trusty familiar will grab me at the final moment, to prevent a disastrous fall.

I am the corvid in the carrefour, laughing at those making bad deals. And sometimes the one I’m laughing at is me.

I am the snake, slipping in and out of the unhewn dolmen, shedding its skin. The serpent that can slip into one pool, and out another. And sometimes even choosing to be in two pools at once.

I am the surface of a still lake, under the moonlight, choosing what to reveal and what to conceal. What to illuminate and what to disguise.

~~~   ~~~   ~   ~~~   ~~~

I am a witch and a chaos mage. I have been practicing in fits and starts, zigs and zags, for 35+ years. I’ve studied many paradigms, but only regularly work with maybe five. I favor a simple, organic style in my personal workings, but enjoy the beauty that can come from the structure that group endeavors provide. I look forward to collaborating with Coven Babylon to further everyone’s goals.

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