I will use this opportunity to go over 4 things:
Coven Babylon’s concept of deity
purpose of moons
8 sabbats and
defining and invoking a circle

DEITY: Coven Babylon follow real energetic entities which we know of as “gods”; they are not archetypes. We consider ourselves a tool for their work.

MOONS: There are two times a month we do a spell working. The moons are for spell work. A spell manifests a declared intent. Think about the percentage of your body that is made up of water. Think about the moon’s effect on the tide. Why wouldn’t the moon have an effect on us?

Intent is about the effect our will has on its target. Think about the double slit experiment with light that is our main picture on this fb page. Our will does have effect on our environment. When the moon is new, the intent is complete and has manifested. We are then ready for a new working. There are 13 cycles of the moon in a year which is the time to develop and trigger our new intent. When the moon is full, the intent is ready to use so then USE IT. you can have your cake and eat it too — honest. When the moon is new, we work with ourselves and/or a partner to create and infuse new intent.

SABBATS: we also come together to honor our sabbats. This is when we celebrate and appreciate our human cycles within nature as well as our own union with each other. There are 8 sabbats in every year. Each year includes 2 equinox and 2 solstice. I will discuss them in a later post.

CIRCLE: When working with a group whether for a moon or sabbat,
we bless the salt and water (to be touched on in a later post) and “close the circle” in the beginning, “open the circle” at the end. The High Priestess conjurs an energy force which wraps around the members who are doing the working together. This “circle” defines our sacred space as well as contains what it is we create together. We do this by invoking 4 things:

to be a meeting place filled with love, truth and trust;
to be a shield against all wickedness and evil;
to be a boundary between the uninitiated and the mighty ones (there are many elders, but only 4 might ones);
finally to protect all the power and energy that we store during our working.

This post is simplified. If any experienced practitioner wants to add a comment to this post, please feel welcome.

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