Gomory Magick and I threw an I-Ching this morning regarding the coven over the next 6 months. (see https://cafeausoul.com/iching/hexagram-detail-pages) Please read since we will all be discussing this on Saturday for our WORKING.

I Ching Hexagram 2
K’un (The Receptive)
Action: Reflect
Hu Gua (hidden influence) 2 Receptive: Yield

Zong Gua (underlying cause) 1 Creative: Initiate

Reaction is how you defend the past against the future.
Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop. – Ovid
Reading at a Glance: K’un calls for a period of patience and reflection. Where you may have been reactive in the past, it is time to learn how to be responsive. Reaction is a defensive position to uphold the known while responsiveness is open to the unknown. K’un encourages you to yield to the way each day is a creative awakening. A sense of openness and the release of clinging to structure and form will be necessary to give birth to this energy. The difference between reaction and response is your ability to use your senses and not the memory mind while observing. Stand in the moment with a sense of openness to what is unfolding without defending the past. Connect with each sense: Are you listening? Are you seeing how life speaks to you? Remove preconceptions and judgment. All things change in time and a period of action, reflected by the underlying cause of the Creative must give way to its opposite: Reflection. Like winter it is time to turn within and reinvigorate your inner world in preparation for a spring time to come. Embodying an open field in any activity – you are called to put your needs aside to serve, open and reflect before acting. K’un’s power of success comes from within. Move into the world from the inside ~ out. The Receptive is the womb holding the energy of attraction by way of intention that requires the development of sincerity and patience.

“The Receptive is in harmony with the boundless; it embraces everything and illuminates everything in its greatness.” K’un is composed of all Yin lines and coaches you to become more still, observant and less reactive. By ‘not doing anything’ you become a spectator to see how circumstances unfold to guide you.

The master said: “when closely related things do not harmonize, misfortune is the result.” Misfortune is simply how you fight against necessary change. Sometimes K’un can be a message about letting the past go and opening to something new. You may be too attached to what you believe you want, when Tao is bringing you what you need. Look around to see what life is saying to you right now. Pay more attention to your dreams to uncover the profound guidance that comes from within.

When you cultivate a natural response to what unfolds, you react less and observe more. It is often in the things that you cannot change that you discover Tao’s power to guide you the most.

Circumstances urge you forward, although reaction is how you defend the past against the future. A natural response means that you respond to life without defending anything.
We may find it odd that mystics deny the reality of the outer world, yet more people deny the immense power and reality of their inner world. Like the time of autumn when all things turn back to be renewed, you are coached to turn inward to reinvigorate your inner garden.

When you compose your inner world and control its gusts and storms, you will discover wellness and harmony in the outer world. Tao prods you forward, but misfortune is how “those who go against the Way are called unlucky.”

If you are searching for direction, you will find it through your dreams, intuition and inspiration. When these inner clues are measured against events, synchronicity will validate your pathway. Be still and have patience so that you may begin to cultivate your personal connection to what unfolds.

There are times to push forward and times to remain still, as you “move inward and outward according to fixed rhythms.” Stand in the moment and observe your reaction to what unfolds around you. When you stop reacting, you will find yourself simply doing, and you can move forward with a new sense of ease and power.

Unchanging: The quiet perseverance of the mare = do not lead, but follow. Without changing lines it is important to be open and acquiesce to others. There is not a lot you can do to change the situation, but your patience and receptivity is all that is required. If you are open and truly interested in serving and not taking, you can make something out of the fertile valley. Like the Creative unchanging, there is potential but it may be blocked for now. The confusion is real and serves the purpose of unleashing a more realistic perspective. Like a deep ravine, emotion is stirring but there may be no way to actualize it. This can happen when a relationship hits an impasse. The feeling is there but it can’t be acted upon for some reason, at least not now. The energy that flows through the openings can suggest that what you think is happening is happening and you want to grasp your desire, but time is just passing by. Trust this time of flowing with something you have no control over. Without a true understanding of your motives, the question can be thrown back at you: “Have you considered where this action would lead? What purpose does your desire serve? Does what you want serve the other person’s interests too? Can you make a commitment and follow through?” Therefore, examine your motives to ensure that you can be receptive enough to proceed. You may be meeting the moment with a lot of plans that won’t have any effect on the outcome, so let them go. Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, you may need to simply reflect another’s power and light rather than competing or defending something. It is okay to be vulnerable and to be the valley, or take the lowly position without feeling any sense of failure. Your perseverance will be recognized, and another may be opening to you because of your undying loyalty.

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