I just got a great question! What is a sabbat? I wonder if any of us have actually thought about that? I am ashamed to say I’ve taken the term for granted so am not fully conscious of the special nature of a sabbat.

Sabbats are celebrated in monotheistic societies once a week. In many sects of judaism, the sabbat is celebrated from sunset on friday to sunset on saturday. This is the time its members set apart to commune with their God through taking part in community by going to temple.

In Coven Babylon we celebrate this union with deity through communing with the Earth, our home. We do this by paying attention to the changing seasons. You find out more about what these seasons are by participating in the sabbats with the others in the Coven.

Today for example is the Summer Solstice, when the sun is at its peak and this is the longest day of the year. From this point on, the sun will begin to decline until December when it will be at its nadar during Yule or the winter solstice. Coven Babylon is celebrating this aspect of Earth’s journey on Saturday at Alina’s house where Silvano has prepared a neat lesson on the summer solstice that has been called Litha by the modern day witches.

Sabbats are held every 6 weeks.

The moons are a second way we celebrate our connection to the Earth. There are 13 moons in our calendar year. Each moon is defined by its stations. We work on our spells during Full moon and New moon. Full moons we usually come together as a group where we gather our energy for the month and put it in an energetic communal cauldron and use it satisfy its intent over the course of the next 2 weeks. The “cauldron” should be empty in 2 weeks so the New moons are the time we work on our own or with our magickal partners to begin the process of filling the cauldron up again.

We do this through connecting with our deity. We consider our deity as the energetic being we have connected with at some point. That Being will work with you to begin working energy back into the cauldron.

If done right, eventually you feel your energetic partner all the time and the Craft becomes a lifestyle — something that becomes a part of you in every aspect of your life.

I hope this helps.

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