Her second question after asking about sabbats was about Babylon. The label “Babylon” is actually applicable to our coven because when mortals are attempting to bond with some higher force, they attract strong conscious energy beings many of which feed on elements. Some of these are what we call in as watchtowers at rituals and sabbats. The thing about energy beings is that they exist outside our learned way of perception through sight, hearing and sensations allowed by our bodies. This is how they effect changes in our environment without us being conscious of their presence other than whatever laws of cause and effect reality dictates, even if beyond our limited powers of observation. The reason peoples from indigenous cultures can see them and know of their presence is because they weren’t taught how NOT to see them. From what I can tell, many Energy Beings are geographical and integrate with the people living with them thus becoming incentives for cultural identification. There’s an amazing synergy between energy beings and humans.

Many of us, though, are connected with Energy Beings not of this Earth. From what I see, there are two such “species” active here and they are fighting it out for some kind of “dominion” (I use this word loosely). Many indigenous people recognize these beings and call them “sky people.” Apparently, the problem of the conflict is this: where one of them have existed here since our mortal bodies were conscious of outside forces, the other species came here not quite 6,000 years ago through peoples called Ubaids living in the middle east where the Tigres and Euphrates empty into the Persian Gulf. Later these beings would be labeled Anunnaki. The simplest way to tell the difference between the two species is that one is monotheistic, the other is not. The people that were raised in this area were the prehistoric Semites and (if I’m not mistaken), the Jewish/Muslim split between the monotheistic and polytheistic Semites are a product of this fighting between Sky People.

The Semites ended up peopling the northern part of the Tigres/Euphrates valley the source of the rivers, and the “Sumerians” peopled the south where the rivers empty into the ocean. After around 2,000 years, (about the period of time between Jesus and today), the Semite Sargon the Great conquered Sumer under the flag of the Sumerian goddess Inanna, unifying the two empires into one where Sumer became Akkad and Inanna and Dumuzi her consort became Ishtar and Tammuz. At this time Sumer changed to Akkad. The third era (I’m not yet familiar with this split yet) Akkad turned to Babylonia. Babylon is a city in Babylonia probably its capital at the time the Jews who’d become a labeled group in their own right with a separate culture. For millennia the polytheists subjugated monotheists until the Semites split off from the Babylonians creating Israel as a colony I guess since Israel was still under Babylonian laws and tribute.

When the Jews became less tribal and more of the world because of Alexander’s influence, they wrote the Old Testament where we read of the Jewish argument against Babylon. In fact, there is a lot of Babylonian influence on the myths in Genesis, like the stories about Eden and the Flood. This is good fodder for another post, but for now I’m just telling you story of the “gods” that we follow in Coven Babylon. The energy beings we listen to here are palpable and communicative. The temples of Sumer/Akkad/Babylonia (mountainous formations with a building at the top called Ziggurats) were planned out to facilitate the administrations and ministerings of channelings with these beings. It is these very same beings that David and I channeled which ended up being Terra Incognita and now we are using this coven as their tool today now that Terra Incognita’s work is finished.

We are a small group of people most of who have been in contact with the anunnaki over the years on their own and are now bringing together our resources. We were given some unique opportunities to create an honest to goodness coven to do this which has been very useful.

And this is why we call ourselves Coven Babylon.

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