WHAT’S A WATCHTOWER? In the modern Craft, watchtowers represent the elements. There is some talk Gardner got many of his ideas around structuring a “Witchcraft” from a relationship he started with Aleister Crowley. I admit to liking this rumor so I’m sticking with it until shown otherwise. The elements that the modern craft uses is actually taught by Plato. Plato felt the Universe could be broken down to 5 basics: Earth,Air, Water, Fire and Aether. (Here’s a nice article about Platonic Elements: http://www.pbs.org/…/beautiful-losers-platos-geometry-of-e…/ – and then there’s the Wikipedia article about Classical elements: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classical_element) There is an assumption that Magick is a kind of pre-science or that which science has yet to explain. Be that as it may, traditionally, we call in the elements to manifest a working and the fancy name for the element is a Watchtower.

Because I have seen these elementals manifest in the priestesses I call forth during ritual, I believe they will suit our purposes much better than a Watchtower.

Let’s see what this might look like:

I turn to the East. There sits Kristin Anderson. Since I’m in Chicago I feel the water from the lake. May we feel the power of Michigan within you Kristin! Let us bathe in you in the morning Kristin before we start our day. May you buffer us during our challenges! Bring us peace. We Welcome you Kristin! Cacama!

I turn to the South to Brazil. There sits Malu! Maria De Lourdes Mattos our little fire priestess. She sits ready in her youth and her expectation to feed you her fire, her passion! I welcome you Malu!!!! Motivate us, bring us energy to get through our ritual and our every day! Cacama

I turn now to the West. There sits Teresa! Teresa Castagna. Logical, Analytical, through her, we resolve the problems that might confront us in our day, in our ritual. Please join us Teresa with your wisdom to crack our lives puzzles! Cacama

I turn now to the North. There sits Lyn! Lynette Oberhouse We need the power of Earth to MANIFEST! We need to take of our day to day money, health, meals, work, school, cloths, all that sustains us. Welcome Lyn as you bring us your Earth to help us manifest our intent and be able to take care of our earthly needs to better serve the gods! Cacama.

That’s the idea… 😉

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