I am Aset. I am Queen and High Priestess of the House of Swords, a High Priestess at Terra Incognita, Vampyre, Daughter of Darkness, and Buddhist.

I chose the name Aset because it is the ancient Egyptian name for Goddess Isis, the Goddess of Life/Death.  What appealed to me most about the name Aset is she is the sister of Set, the brother and wife of Orisis.  Her devotion and loyalty to her husband is mesmerizing.

My interest in the Coven Babylon is for spiritual growth, and to the learn more about paganism.  What I feel I can contribute is the years of experience I possess as a Witch.  My mother was a witch, so was her mother and her mother’s sister.  I was born a witch, and have past life experience as a Witch, Shaman and Buddhist.

I am Queen and High Priestess of the House of Swords. House of Swords is a hive of priestesses and donors all working towards a common goal.  I work closely with my priestess and magical partner Gomory in Moon ritual and Ritual of Power (Luciferian Witchcraft).

I am a High Priestess at Terra Incognita for over 13 years.  With T.I. I have grown to become the Vampyre I am today.  Learning I am part of a tribe of Vampires (First Born) centuries old helped me to come into my power.

What I am hoping to get out of participating in Babylon is a pagan community.



East: 50 R Alligator 44 Hummingbird

South: 2 R Hawk 24 Crow

West: 9 R Butterfly 41 Whale

North: 11 R Moose 35 Horse

Above: 40 R Dolphin 23 Oppossum

Below: 18 R Lynx 49 Salmon

Within: 30 Rabbit

Right 31 Turkey

Left: 20 R Mouse 16 R Raven 12 R Dragonfly

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