New Moon Reading For March 27 2017


Tarot:   Ace of cups.   Trust your psychic abilities!  Our challenge card is  the : Page of pentacle, the student, learning, learning to work with the mysteries,learning to use your own skills in magick. I asked for a dream for this new moon and in a dream I am holding this cute duck. DUCK= The duck is equally comfortable in both elements,land and water. We too  can learn to navigate in both worlds, not only in material world,but also in spirit,psychic world. Why limit ourselves to only one? We can be more whole and fulfilled to live in both.


I-ching:     #21    (1,6)    #16

Biting through              Enthusiasm


#21-Biting through or Reform : ” The time calls for energetic reform. There are obstacles which need to be sought out,reformed and eliminated. Obstacles can not be rationalized or ignored and you can not maneuver around it. it is a self generating interference and must be reformed before it causes any damage.” We have to keep in mind our goal for this year,which is learning to make a connection and work with our deity. It is really important now to make that energetic offering to your God what we talked about at Ostara, and establish this “ritual’ in our lives ,make it a monthly habit. Its like building a bridge between yourself and your God.


1-line:  “Since this is only your first departure from the right path,only a mild punishment is forthcoming. This should serve the purpose of early REFORM.”


6-line:  A person who cannot recognize his own wrongdoings will drift farther and farther from the path.A person who is no longer on the path cannot understand the warnings of others. The original text states: ‘There will be evil”


The 6-th line is a warning. How we can work on these obstacles is through enthusiasm.


#16 Enthusiasm: ” You can now readily put yourself in touch with your true nature in order to further the development of yor character. Pay attention to your bodily rhythms,observe your inherent character traits,listen to your inner voice. Moreover,this state of mind can enhance your health and well-being. You can instill in your body an enthusiasm for life by harmonizing your spirit with the cosmic order. ”  ( Use whatever makes you happy….music,dance, art, when you give thanks to your deity for a tiniest bit of an inspired,blissful moment in your life,you acknowledging he /she is there with you and you building a bond.)

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