Reading by Gomory

Hello Everyone!
This new moon reading was very powerful so I am using it also as an intent for a whole year. Special focus is on the XX Judgement card, as this came up in a spread as our goal. I used the Sherlock Holmes deck, here is the spread:
1. Queen of Wands-rev.…….We are witches,we are creative.
 2. Ace of Cups…….(this card is coming up a lot lately for us). Our challenge is to open up our intuition,our psychic channels, open up communication) with the divine.
3. King of Pentacles……the main idea is how to manage the coven so we manifest maximum abundance,that we are successful, that we bring maximum benefit to all .
4. Knight of Cups……recent past,what we have been doing is ” promoting harmony in any situation, dedicated  and thoughtful. “
    XX Judgement  …. Our goal is, as we channel and implement this divine guidance, we slowly awaken, we start to see our lives differently, as we approach any situation with this fresh perspective, we get better results. Death -rev asks us to stop solving your problems in a same, old way, this is stagnation. Basically, we are just doing what we always do, treading in a same place, not progressing or growing. Eventually coming to feel trapped. Judgement is a big test. It tests our faith. Do I really believe in this divine guidance that I’m willing to follow it ?
6. 6 of Cups-rev.  The future…We still will be tempted to “steering by outworn traditions”, to cling to the past, but “new opportunities will show themselves”. Of course it is a process, it is a trial and error, so we will be struggling with this (Judgement card). But it is a “good” struggle, it is necessary.
7. XV Devil.… this is us,as we see ourselves….Chained and suffering, trapped, with no hope of escape. With a mindset that nothing ever change. Our fears paralyzing us, we don’t know what to do.
8. XVII Star  this is in our environment. Wow, nice… thanks God! Gods are with us, giving us inspiration, we just have to reach out to them!
9. 8 of Swords-rev. our hope…Liberation! The “aha ” moment. when it is clear what we have to do. our “blindfold” falls away and we see the path ahead, the direction we need to go.
10. 6 of Swords…….conscious living. Creating and following the right path.
I-Ching: #50 Cauldron
(café au soul)  ” the prospect of you coming-to-be real. The spiritual associations with this hexagram describe a deep connection to you life path.You may not be recognizing how profoundly life (gods) is leading you toward your destiny………..Events will unfold to peel away all protective coverings and to provide you with the nourishment that will give your destiny form. There is a self-actualizing energy at work in all living things that pushes it toward growth and to make it strong. Examine your path and connect with your inner drummer or vision…… Unchanged form it means there is something still in its “cooking” phase and you need to give it time before it can nourish you.”
It is a process…..

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