Today is new moon.  Rune Oryter, Rune’s friend —- and I did the reading. Amanda’s friend john was in town and he wanted to be part of the I-Ching reading. We started with Oryter’s card…..I.Magician reversed. He and —— felt it meant dander!  So we asked the I-ching to give us more information on what this means. Our reading is:


#9 (5-line)                #26


Small restraint        Controlled Power


5-line:  ” Loyalty leads to firm ties because each partner compliments the other. In the weaker person loyalty consists in devotion,in the stronger it consists in trustworthiness. This mutual reinforcement leads to true wealth because it is not selfishly hoarded but is shared with friends. Pleasure shared pleasure doubled. Sincerity draws others to unite and then this great power can influence successfully and can have a great affect.”


we each pulled a tarot card too. : 1. Ace of Pentacles-rev.   ( abundance)

  1. XVI  Tower             ( Clearing ego,false beliefs,etc)
  2. 6 of Pentacles         (sharing)
  3. Queen of Cups-rev.   ( channeling,mediumship)


On purpose , I don’t want to elaborate on the card’s meaning. Cards can mean slightly different things for each of you, You need to see for yourself how they fit in with your situation.

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