Happy new year! Rune and I did the reading yesterday, this is the result. I wanted to link the tarot reading to the last moons reading. the goal last moon was the XX Judgment card, and I wanted to see how we progressed on that, or didn’t or what more should we know about it.
2. 10 of swords-challenge
3. X Wheel of fortune and-foundation
4. 2 of wands-past
6. 9 of swords-rev.-future
7. 10 of wands– as we see ourselves
8. 8 swords-rev.-surrounds us
9.Queen of swords-hopes and fears
Total:XI Hermit
We talked about the XX Judgment as hearing the voice of the divine,waking up to it etc….Now( the foundation) talks about how we expend our world views, philosophies, but we cant be rigid, we have to be flexible, adaptable for this growth to occur. It is a constant “shedding” the old views as it is replaced by new knowledge, by a deeper understanding of the mysteries, or our own lives. This “knowledge ” comes from our intuition (XVIII Moon), so our goal is engage, work with our subconscious or oracles, or our magickal tools. It is a learning process (Page of Pentacle), and we will implement it more and more in a pragmatic way.
I-Ching:   #47 Oppression/Exhaustion
Café au soul;  :….the long term effects of dealing with a deteriorating situation that you have been unsuccessful in changing. Even with the patience of a saint this can only lead to exhaustion. It may be time to throw in the towel because unchanging, the Oppression is simply confining you in (8 swords) an unhealthy way. …..Unwilling to adapt ( X Wheel) to the challenge presented, the opportunity for growth can be missed. …..The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing while expecting a different results.  You have stopped trusting your intuition (Moon), in another or the purposeful flow of events (fear of following the advice of your oracles?) Stepping back or changing course is the way forward.
This feels as an important topic. I would like to talk about it at our next meeting. ( January 31 is the next full moon,perhaps we can schedule a meeting that Saturday or so). if you can ,please read the whole article about this unchanging line. It raises a lot of questions for us to think about.

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