1. 7 pent-rev-  Magickal spells. We have to understand that what we started on the last new moon (Dec.18) is a spell, where the goal is the XX Judgment etc…Interestingly enough it is still our goal. We still have to keep that in focus as it came up again.
2. 6 cups–  our challenge= Happy memories. Our goal is to live our lives better, happier. 6 of cups is asking us to remember how we felt about life when we were young, full of hope, joy, love, enthusiasm. We can bring this state back, this renewed love for life.
3. 3 wands– The foundation right now is, planning or Putting the plans into action. What we started is the medicine cards readings, this gives us a good understanding of ourselves as where we are this year and what to focus on, improve, work on ourselves. This is where we got the idea with Rune to bring the Shadow Dance book into the full moon workings. This book has a lot of fun, practical exercises how to work with our shadow. We will start at our next Imbolc gathering, so it will be helpful if you guys would bring a notebook for this work.
4. VIII Strength– recent past: In the vampire deck, the picture shows a guy breaking through a car window. I do feel that after not a struggle to understand this XX Judgment, and what it wants from us, we finally had a break-through and even figured out the strategy what and how to do it. (the shadow work, I mean)
5. XX Judgment is still the goal
6. II High Priestess–  we will learn the mysteries, through oracles (cards, i-ching, runes…etc)
7. 7 Swords-rev- we see ourselves as being initiated into these mysteries. Also, the shadow work will require us to be open and honest with ourselves, if we really want to grow and develop.
8. XVI Tower-rev. Our environment . ” Clinging to the structures, which don’t serve us any more. Tower is getting rid of that and rebuild on truth.
9. 6 wands-rev. ,and 4 sword-Hoping that examining our shadow will be peaceful, and not stressful.
10. 10 cups-rev.  Resolution is inner emotional wholeness.
Total: VIII Strength–  need courage and perseverance.
I-Ching:  So now that we want to do this shadow work, what is the advice for the coven, for us?
   # 60 (Limitations)   lines:1 and 5    #7 (The army)
1-line:  This work is very sensitive, and we have to be discreet. I like Confucius’s saying here: ” If germinating things are not handled with discretion, the perfecting of them is impeded.” I think the 7 of Swords = as prudence works well here.
5-line: We need moderation, forcible measures are not needed.
This is in a nut shell. We will talk about it more at a meeting.  BRING YOUR NOTEBOOKS!  :)))))

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