This spread is used to determine the outcome of projects or group enterprises. Four cards are drawn and placed in teh classic directional positions on the medicine wheel, i.e. East, South, West, North. These cards will indicate the various phases your development will move through toward its  conclusion.

The East Card: This card is known as the Egg Card or Egg Position. You should view this card as the nucleus or seed of your development (idea/project). Allow its medicine to interact with the concept of your enterprise. It will suggest the value of the inner core of your plan. Is it the medicine that is needed at this time or place?

The South card: This card is known as the Larva Card or Larva Position. This card is bout early doing. What needs to be done and how you’re going to do it. Who will take responsibility for the work? Just as a butterfly egg first turns into a growing, struggling caterpillar, tis is the medicine of the Larva Card. Will the energies be great enough to overcome the obstacles? The caterpillar sheds its skin many times during the growth. Will the many egos involved in your project or activity acquiesce (shed skin) in order to facilitate achievement?

The West card: This card is known as the Cocoon Card or Cocoon Position. It speaks of higher purpose. It is where the highest transformation takes pch as when transformation happens inside the cocoon and a beautiful butterfly soon emerges. In viewing this card it is good to ask yourself why you have joined the activity/project or coven. Was it to serve the Great Spirit and the tribe, or was it to serve yourself? If your working was simply self serving, it will in all probability backfire on you. Not the self, but the family, the clan, the people, and the Great Spirit are to be served.

The North card: This card is known as the Butterfly  Card or Butterfly position. It is likely to tell you if the Great Spirit has walked hand-in-hnd with you and your coven. Look to this card to tell you what sorts of rewards are to be gained. Will financial rewards be yours? It may seem odd to you to look to the North – the Spirit–for the answer. But as every medicine person will point out to you, matter follows vision and spirit.  It is the law. This card is the place of manifestation.