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the Arthurian Tarot

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A set of Runes for spell-casting

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SEEKERWhile searching for the realms within, human beings distrust space. Going forward over the abyss needs much courage, yet the Seeker takes the rainbow path joyfully and with equanimity. We each have our own personal abyss, inhabited by  monsters, fears and doubts; most of us don’t look into it too often or too closely in case we get bitten. The choices for the Seeker are to remain in the Wasteland, to fall into the Abyss or to leap over it and enter the unknown landscape.

What is the Wasteland to you?
What lurks in the abyss?
What do you hope/think/feel lies ahead?

The Seeker (Fool) is you standing at the threshold of the quest. Self-knowledge is the object of your future searches.Before we start this quest, it is useful to assess yourself and clarify your direction. So ask yourself:

Who are you as a person?
What is my life’s purpose? What would you like it to be, if you are unsure?
What are your greatest strengths?
What kind of quest are you already on? What do you hope to find/achieve?
What needs most empowerment in your life right now?
What is your seeking style? deadly earnest, plodding, adventurous, cautious, dilatory, swift, playful, etc?


1) Write an incident in your life when you were presented with alternative choices—one which seemed ‘wise’ and the other ‘foolish.” Write your story as if you had chosen the ‘foolish’ alternative – whether you did or not, write as if this was what you’d chosen in reality. What might the outcome have been?


Choose an incident in your life where you felt particularly foolish or at a disadvantage. Mythologize it if you like: rather than telling it in the first person, tell it in the third person and set is somewhere else. Allow your story to unfold but, at the moment when the innate foolishness is revealed, turn the story round and bring it to a resolution so that “foolish” decision becomes the “wise” one.


2) Select the Seeker from your pack, shuffle it and extract a series of cards to create situations which you as the Seeker have encountered in your life recently. Use the face value of the picture or the divinatory meanings as you like, consulting the book of you need to. Write a story where the Seeker meets with these situations/places/people, using the cards as story components.

3) Create an opening affirmation with which you can start each meditation session. Example:

From this world to that word, I go to meet (title of the card you are meditating upon)



Create an opening affirmation with which you can start each meditation session. Example:

From this world to that word, I go to meet (title of the card you are meditating upon)

The following meditations should be spread over a series of dys, rather than performed all at once. Write down your answers with a general report of what you experienced at each meditation session. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t appear to get a great deal at this stage. Accept your experience and record it. Don’t feel that apparently irrelevant images or feelings are unrelated to your experience but refer them back to your meditations subject
Without referring to the hand-book, look at the card of the Seeker in the Wasteland. What is the general feeling of the card? How do you feel looking at it?

Each card is surrounded by a doorway or window: this time, when you meditate, step through this doorway and ENTER the card. Close your eyes now and enter the SEEKER CARD, answering the following questions: What is it like being in this landscape? What can you see from the cliff top?

Enter the card now and stand in the Seeker’s place, becoming the Seeker, who can be of either sex. If you find this difficult, try questioning him when you enter the card. Find the answers to these questions:

Where are you going? What do you seek? What are the blackbirds saying to you? What are the uses of the things you carry: the staff, the knife, the helmet and pendant stone? Are you brave enough to step upon the rainbow road?

The Rainbow Path of the Seeker takes you from your own world to the innerworlds. You can pass between the worlds by this pathway. As you explore the innerworlds, be aware of the Rainbow Path forming a crossroads which faces the four directions. You will be taking each of these roads in turn in the next part of the course.




 Coven Babylon Chicago


An altar
Vessel of water
Vessel of salt
Vessel of oil (that tastes ok)
Vessel of wine (red)
the coven athame (or any athame)
the coven wand (I have one we can use)
the coven scourge / flogger
a sharp knife (in case the rope knots don’t want to come undone)
2 candles for altar
incense /censer for altar
short, thin (1/2 to 3/4) rope about 36″ long, with a knotted loop in one end like a lasso)
long, thin rope (same) about 60″ to 72″

hooded robe for Postulant (if they have none)

2 copies of the final draft of the Second Degree Gardnerian Ritual (remember, Postulate is blind-folded for most of this ritual, so using cue cards isn’t an issue, if needed at any point.)

Pentacle (5 Gardnerian, and 8 sided Babylon pentacle)
White-handled knife (if no human bones available, wrap a butter knife with medical white adhesive tape around handle)

*** ** ***

Altar set up at the North

Arranged on the Altar are:
Pentacle in the Center
North candle behind the pentacle
a pair of altar candles, one at each side
the chalice of red wine or mead
the wand, the scourge of leather cords
a small bowl of water
a small bow with a little salt in it
the cords (black, red, white, nine feet long)
The white-handled knife
each witch’s individual athame
incense burner; a small hand-bell
a dish of cakes or biscuits
the sword, on the floor in front of the altar, or on the altar itself.

A supply of chosen incense, and matches or a cigarette-lighter, should be handy by the altar. (We find a taper useful for carrying flame from candle to candle).

A candle is placed at each of the East, South and West points of the circumference of the Circle, completing the four elemental candles which must burn throughout the ritual. (The elemental placings are East, Air; South, Fire; West, water; and North, Earth.)


The Ritual

She puts the bowl of water on the altar, places the point of her athame in it and says:

“I exhort thee, Apzu, O Creature of Water, that thou cast out from us all impurities and uncleanliness of the world of phantasm; in the names of “Inanna and Dimuzi”

She then puts down her athame and holds up the bowl of water in both hands. The High Priest puts the bowl of salt on the altar, puts his athame in the salt and says:

“Blessings be upon this Tiamat, O Creature of Salt; let all malignity and hindrance be cast forth hence, and let all good enter herein; wherefore so I bless thee, that thou mayest aid me, in the names of Inanna and Dimuzi.”

He then puts down his athame and pours the salt into the bowl of water the High Priestess is holding.

The High Priest then stands with the rest of the Coven outside the Circle. The High Priestess then draws the Circle with the sword, leaving a gap in the Northeast section. While drawing the Circle, she should visualize the power flowing into the Circle from off the end of the sword. She draws the Circle in East to North or deosil or clockwise direction. She says:

“I conjure thee, O Circle of Power, that thou beest a meeting place of love and joy and truth; a shield against all wickedness and evil; a boundary between men and the realms of the Mighty Ones; a rampart and protection that shall preserve and contain the power that we shall raise within thee. Wherefore do I bless thee and consecrate thee, in the names of Inanna and Dimuzi.”

The High Priestess lays down the sword and admits the High Priest with a kiss while spinning him deosil and whispers “Blessed Be”. He then admits a woman the same way. Alternate male/female/male. Then the High Priestess finishes closing the Circle with the sword. She then names three witches to help strengthen the Circle. Orishas carries the bowl of consecrated water from East to East going deosil, sprinkling the perimeter as he goes. He then sprinkles each member in turn. If the witch is male, he sprinkles the High Priestess last who then sprinkles him. The bowl is replaced on the altar. Niles takes the incense burner around the perimeter and Rune takes one altar candle. While going around the perimeter, each person says:

“Black spirits and white,
Red spirits and grey,
Harken to the rune I say.
Four points of the Circle, weave the spell,
East, South, West, North, your tale tell.
East is for break of day,
South is white for the noontide hour,
In the West is twilight grey,
And North is black, for the place of power.
Three times round the Circle’s cast.
Great ones, spirits from the past,
Witness it and guard it fast.”

All the Coven members pick up their athames and face the East with the High Priest and Priestess in front, him on her right. The High Priestess says:

“Ye guardians of the Watchtowers of the East, ye spirits of Air; I do summon, stir, and call you up to witness our rites and to guard the Circle.”

As she speaks she draws the Invoking Pentagram of Earth in the air with her athame. The High Priest and the rest of the Coven copy her movements with their athames. The High Priestess turns and faces the South and repeats the summoning:

“Ye Guardians of the Watchtowers of the South, ye Spirits of Fire; I do summon, stir and call you up, to witness our rites and to guard the Circle.”

She does the same pentagram and then faces West and says:

“Ye Guardians of the Watchtowers of the West, ye Spirits of Water, ye Lords of Death and Initiation; I do summon, stir, and call you up, to witness our rites and to guard the Circle.”

She faces North with rest of the Coven and says:

“Ye Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North, ye Spirits of Earth; Boreas, thou gentle guardian of the Northern Portals; thou powerful God and gentle Goddess; we do summon, stir and call you up, to witness our rites and to guard the Circle.”

All the coven replace their athames on the altar,and all but the HPS and HP go the South of the Circle where they stand facing towards the altar.

The HP give the HPS the Fivefold Kiss, kissingher on the right foot, left foot, right knee, left knee, womb, right breast, left breast adn lips, (When eh reaches the womb, she opens her arms to the blessing position’). As he does so, he says:

Blessed be thy feet, that have brought thee to this Circle.
Blessed be thy knees, that shall kneel at the sacred Altar.
Blessed be thy womb, without which we would not be.
Blessed be thy breasts, formed in beauty and strength.
Blessed be thy lips, which shall utter the sacred Names.

The Initiate’s wrists and arms should be properly prepared and bound with the binding Cord (as in 1st degree) and left standing.

High Priestess (HPs) or Magus (M) then circles around once, proclaiming at each of the Quarters:

“Hear Ye, God and Goddess of the South), a duly consecrated Priestess and Witch is now properly prepared to be made a (High Priest and Magus) (or) (High Priestess and Witch Queen.)” (Invokes 5-star pentagram in each)

Repeat this in West, North and finally, East.

M or HPs Circle 3X with bound Initiate in a dance-step and chant.

Initiate then kneels before the Altar (on a small pillow) and ankles / feet are secured with cords (Gardner liked tying his coven members to a ring bolted into the Altar, or to the floor.)

High Priestess or Magus: “To attain this sublime Degree it is necessary to suffer and be purified. Art thou willing to suffer to learn?”

Initiate: “I am.”

P (or ) M: “I purify thee to take this great oath rightly.”

Strikes with Scourge 8 times on each buttock.

P or M: Returns Scourge to Altar, holds out arms and hands. “I will now announce to the Gods and Goddesses your chosen new name.  (Kneels down and kisses Initiate on facial lips)

P or M: Back at Altar, arms raised: “Repeat thy new name after me, saying, I, _____________,

swear upon my mother’s womb
(Initiate repeats each of these lines after spoken by HPs or M)
and by mine honor among men,
and my Brothers and Sisters of the Art,
that I will never reveal to any at all,
any of the secrets of the Art,
except it be to a worthy person,
properly prepared,
in the center of a Magick Circle
such as I am now in.
Thus I swear by my hopes of salvation,
my past lives and my hopes of future ones to come,
and I devote myself if I break this my solemn Oath.”

HPs or M: “I now charge you with the energies of the Circle.” Moving behind Initiate, HPs or M grasps Initiate’s head around both temples and frontal lobes, then will’s the Circle’s instant energy into the Initiate.

M or HPs now loosen and remove the ankle Binding Cord, then assists Initiate in standing again (facing the East / the Altar).

*** ** ***

Eight-Fold Consecration

HPs or M: faces Altar, picks up Vessel of Oil; holds it up in blessing, says, “I consecrate thee with oil.”

(Uses two fingers to dip into vessel, then anoints both feet, both knees, genitals, both breasts and facial lips)

“I consecrate thee with wine.”

(same consecration as above)

I consecrate thee with my lips”.

(same consecration as above)

HPs or M removes wrist / arms Binding cord. (kisses facial lips)

Purpose of Coven

HPs or M: “It is now time for you to begin to learn how to use the working tools of Babylon coven”.

“First is the Magick Sword. With this you can form the Magick Circle. It is also a tool used in Ritual Magicks. Go now – walk about the Circle one time, visualizing the Sword strengthening the wall between us and the worlds.”

Initiate returns, and hands back Sword. M or HPs replaces it on Altar.

“Second is the Athame, another tool for forming and controlling the Circle. Make one orbit about our Circle with it, imagining the strength of our Circle growing larger with each step you take.”

Initiate returns, hands back Athame, and it is placed on the Altar.

“Third is the White-Handled Knife, which we use for special occasions that will be explained to you later. Simply feel it’s power for now.”

Initiate holds White-handled knife and feels the power of it. Then it too is brought back to its place on the Altar.

“Fourth is the Wand, another tool of great powers, and used in Moon Magick and elemental workings as well. Take it and feel its unique power.”

Initiate feels it, then it is returned like the rest, to the Altar.

“Fifth has two sides: on one side, the Pentacle, which can hold as much power as is needed. It can also attract energy from more than one elemental working, making it extremely valuable in magickal practice. The other side, the Eight Pointed Star – The Morning and Evening Star which aided journiers a sense of direction.”

Hold it out to the Four Quarters to energize it now. ”

Initiate holds pentacle out to Four Quarters, then returns it and M or HPs places it back on Altar.

“Sixth is the Censer, which purifies the Air of this Circle as we work within it.”

Initiate can either circle with the censer, or, if too hot to hold, can simply bless themselves by waving the smoke into their face and breast.

“Seventh are the Binding Cords, of which you are now familiar. Take these two, and wrap them around you as if a belt, so you can wear them while contemplating your relationship to them and to the Circle as well.”

Initiate takes Cords and ties them across the waist.

“Lastly, eighth in line is the scourge: for you are already learning, that in witchcraft you must give of yourself for everything you receive, but always more, and up to triple the count. So when I give thee 5 scourges, you should return 10 or 15; where I give 8, you should return 16 or 24, and when I give you 10, you should return with 20 or even 30. Will you always give more than you receive?”

Initiate: “I will.”

*** ** ***

 Applicant tells their mythic story. (Rune: the Story of Orpheus and Eurydice)


HPs or M: “Having passed the physical tests of this degree, it is now imperative that you know something of our history, and learn why the Wicca are called the Hidden Children of the Goddess. You can now join me here at the Altar and help keep this Circle safe and strong as I tell you a short story.”

M or HPs stands before Altar, (script open on it), and the Initiate right next to the HPs or M. (Throughout this reading, the Initiate can take the Athame or one of the other Tools and circle with it as needed, or add incense to the censer, or simply hold arms out and help share this story with the Gods and Goddesses of the Four Quarters that are here to listen to the tale once more. M or HPs can also request specific services be performed as intuited, but nothing here is as powerful as everything, if not more so.)

 *** ** ***

The High Priestess or Magus then replaces all other tools upon the Altar, then taking the new Initiate by the hand and holding the Athame in the other, passes once around the Circle, proclaiming at the Four Quarters, “Hear, Ye, Gods and Goddesses, _____________, here, hath been duly consecrated High Priest and Magus, or (High Priestess and Witch Queen).”


It is said that if you want to find out a secret, ask Lynx medicine. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get the silent Lynx to speak. To be confronted by the powerful medicine of Lynx signifies taht you do not know something about yourself or others.

Lynx is the keeper of the secrets of lost magical systems and occult knowledge. Lynx has the ability to move through time and space, and to go into the Great Silence for unraveling any mystery. Lynx is not the guardian of secrets, but the knower of secrets,. The problem lies in getting Lynx to instruct you. He or she would rather be off chasing a bird of kicking sand in your face than running circles around you.

Lynx medicine is a very specific type of clairvoyance. If this medicine is strong in your, you will get mental pictures concerning other people and the exact things they have hidden, either from themselves or from others. You will see their fears, their lies, and their self-deceptions. You will also know where they have hidden the treasure, if there is any. You never speak of these revelations–you simply know.

The only way you can coax information about yourself out of a Lynx medicine person (in case you have forgotten where you hid the treasure) is to respect the practices of his or her tradition. If you go to a Gypsy with Lynx medicine, you must show your respect by paying with money after the reading. If you go to a Choctaw medicine person, he or she will reach into your midsection, or use other traditional methods to help you. A blanket or tobacco should be given in exchange for the medicine he or she has performed for you. This operative is known as the law of the Lynx people, and is practiced by Native American, Gypsy, Sufi, and Egyptian cultures, among others.

If you have pulled the lynx card, you can be sure that “secrets” are afloat. If this is your personal medicine, you should listen to your higher self. Be still and pay attention to the revelations you receive either in the form of mental pictures of through a high singing voice in your inner ear. Perhaps you will receive information in the form of omens. You can be sure that mother Earth is signalling to you in some manner.

If Lynx is at your door, listen. Brother or Sister Lynx can teach you or your personal power and of things you have forgotten about yourself. Lynx can lead you to lost treasures and connect you to forgotten brotherhoods or sisterhoods.

Some medicine people believe that the Sphinx of ancient Egypt was not a Lion but a Lynx. This Lynx doe snot say much. With an enigmatic smile, the great cat watches over the sands.

If Lynx has appeared in the reversed position, it is time to shut your big mouth. Something you are jabbering about has let the “cat” out of the bag. Are you defiling a sacred trust, or have you broken a promise to a friend? If not, you may have pulled a good boner on yourself by blabbing your latest idea to the friend of a competitor. Watch your tongue adn see if you are able to refrain from gossiping, or talking about your latest romantic conquest. Look and see if, in your present state, you are able to listen and truly be interested in someone else’s stories or ideas. On this level, Lynx is telling you to become worthy of trust. Then the secrets will be available to you.

You might look at choosing to have your brain in gear before your babble starts, or your foot may have to replace your tongue. This is the “know it all” syndrome. Fine — if you want to talk, just sew up your ears. After all, talking leaves no room for hearing or learning. Lynx is a tough teacher, and if you have let the cat out of the bag, be ready for the consequences.

Become Lynx and wear the Mona Lisa smile. Only  you will know what you are smiling about. The cat will not have your tongue–you will– as well as the power over it.





In the Fall of 2009, my son’s latent depression manifested to the point where his high school contacted Children’s Memorial Psych Ward during school and had him transported to a bed. We’d gone through the paperwork to get on State Aid to pay for this intervention and were scheduled for our first visit the day of my final exam in Myth Class.

Dr. Smith, a Baptist Theologian of all things, had given us our vocabulary list and 6 possible topics, of which only one would be chosen for the Final Essay -65% of the test grade – the topic to be decided by the roll of a dice. There was no way I could study all six topics to my satisfaction the night before so I picked “The Hero’s Journey” as viewed by Joseph Campbell as I felt I could use this topic some day.

Our visit to Children’s Memorial was taxing, even if the hospital was only a few blocks from the classroom where I’d be taking my exam.  I was nervous as I walked into class — Dr. Smith read off the number of the topic which corresponded to the die, Heroes Journey being #1.  When he rolled the fateful ONE, my loud WHOOT was the only sound reverberating through the silence.  The Gods truly loved me that day and yes, I got my A.

For a more in depth description, READ: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monomyth

Where are YOU on your journey?


A. Calling: The hero begins in a mundane situation of normality from which some information is received that acts as a call to head off into the unknown.

X. Refusal: Often when the call is given, the future hero first refuses to heed it. This may be from a sense of duty or obligation, fear, insecurity, a sense of inadequacy, or any of a range of reasons that work to hold the person in his or her current circumstances.

B. Supernatural Aid: Once the hero has committed to the quest, consciously or unconsciously, his guide and magical helper appears, or becomes known. More often than not, this supernatural mentor will present the hero with one or more talismans or artifacts that will aid them later in their quest.

C. Crossing the Threshold: This is the point where the person actually crosses into the field of adventure, leaving the known limits of his or her world and venturing into an unknown and dangerous realm where the rules and limits are not known.

D. Belly of the Whale: The belly of the whale represents the final separation from the hero’s known world and self. By entering this stage, the person shows willingness to undergo a metamorphosis.



A. The Road of Trials: The road of trials is a series of tests, tasks, or ordeals that the person must undergo to begin the transformation. Often the person fails one or more of these tests, which often occur in threes.

B. Meeting the Goddess: This is the point when the person experiences a love that has the power and significance of the all-powerful, all encompassing, unconditional love that a fortunate infant may experience with his or her mother. This is a very important step in the process and is often represented by the person finding the other person that he or she loves most completely.

C. Temptress: In this step, the hero faces those temptations, often of a physical or pleasurable nature, that may lead him or her to abandon or stray from his or her quest, which does not necessarily have to be represented by a woman. Woman is a metaphor for the physical or material temptations of life, since the hero-knight was often tempted by lust from his spiritual journey.

D. Father/Atonement: In this step the person must confront and be initiated by whatever holds the ultimate power in his or her life. In many myths and stories this is the father, or a father figure who has life and death power. This is the center point of the journey. All the previous steps have been moving into this place, all that follow will move out from it. Although this step is most frequently symbolized by an encounter with a male entity, it does not have to be a male; just someone or thing with incredible power.

E. Apotheosis/Illumination: When someone dies a physical death, or dies to the self to live in spirit, he or she moves beyond the pairs of opposites to a state of divine knowledge, love, compassion and bliss. A more mundane way of looking at this step is that it is a period of rest, peace and fulfillment before the hero begins the return.

F. Boon: The ultimate boon is the achievement of the goal of the quest. It is what the person went on the journey to get. All the previous steps serve to prepare and purify the person for this step, since in many myths the boon is something transcendent like the elixir of life itself, or a plant that supplies immortality, or the holy grail.



A. Refusal: Having found bliss and enlightenment in the other world, the hero may not want to return to the ordinary world to bestow the boon onto his fellow man.

B. Magical Flight: Sometimes the hero must escape with the boon, if it is something that the gods have been jealously guarding. It can be just as adventurous and dangerous returning from the journey as it was to go on it.

C. Rescue from Without: Just as the hero may need guides and assistants to set out on the quest, oftentimes he or she must have powerful guides and rescuers to bring them back to everyday life, especially if the person has been wounded or weakened by the experience.

D. Crossing the Return Threshold: The trick in returning is to retain the wisdom gained on the quest, to integrate that wisdom into a human life, and then maybe figure out how to share the wisdom with the rest of the world.

E. Master of 2 Worlds: This step is usually represented by a transcendental hero like Jesus or Gautama Buddha. For a human hero, it may mean achieving a balance between the material and spiritual. The person has become comfortable and competent in both the inner and outer worlds.

F. Freedom to live: Mastery leads to freedom from the fear of death, which in turn is the freedom to live. This is sometimes referred to as living in the moment, neither anticipating the future nor regretting the past.

Important Questions asked John Matthews regarding journeying:

What if I’m deluding myself?

Our society is unsupportive of people experiencing more than one reality.  Indeed, some people must be insulated from other kinds of reality for their own sanity — these places are called mental institutions or the real world, depending on your standpoint.  Things happen in meditation.  If you are seriously unhappy about anything which you experience, you are probably discovering things about yourself which life has shielded you from until now, and which your brain has hidden away in a back cupboard.  What you do about this is your responsibility.  If this much reality frightens you or makes you feel guilty or  disoriented to the point of delusion, then you should not be doing any meditation until you’ve sought help.  Alternatively, if you are able to trust the experience you are having, it will probably change very soon and you will understand things in ways which might not seem possible now.

How do I know what I see is right?

This course does not have one set of right answers.  Everyone experiences the otherworlds according to their capacity, experience and background.  However, that experience is broadly variable within certain confines.  If you are meditating and arrive at a place where a character gives you something, accept the first thing you see, even if it seems trivial or ludicrous.  Learn to ask questions.  Looking up symbols in a dictionary of symbols is pointless since your own symbolic values are personal to your own understanding. 

Meditation courses like this one are written to restore the meditator’s personal authority and to wean her off total reliance on sources which supply scenarios for all occasions.  The otherworlds are accessible to you.  Your own experience is your own pathway, your personal encounters with otherworld inhabitants are your own teaching scenarios.  Learn from your otherworld teachers, not from books which pretend to reveal all, but which just disempower the journeyer.


THE NINE TOTEM ANIMALS is a spread the authors say should not be used again;  however I have found this spread incredibly useful at life’s cross-roads as I have personally changed a few times and totem animals have come and gone. Decide for yourself, though, how you want to approach this powerful opportunity.

EAST: Guides you to your greatest spiritual challenges and guards your path to illumination.

SOUTH: Protects the child within and reminds you when to be humble and when to trust, so that innocence will be balanced in your personality.  I have found this to be your most primal gifts.

WEST: The animal in the West leads you to your personal truth and inner answers.  It also shows you the path in your goals.

NORTH: Gives wise counsel and reminds you when to speak and when to listen.  It also reminds you to be grateful for every blessing every day.  I  believe this represents your relationship to personal authority.

ABOVE: Teaches you how to honor the Great Star Nation; and reminds you that you came from teh stars and to the stars you will return.  It is the guardian of the Dreamtime-for your personal access to the other dimensions.

BELOW: Teaches you about the inner Earth, and how to stay grounded and on the path.

WITHIN: Teaches you  how to find your heart’s joy and how to be faithful to your personal truths.  It is also the protector of your sacred space, the place that is yours alone and is never shared except by invitation.

RIGHT: Guards your male side and teaches you that, no mater where you turn, it will be your father-protector (spirit guide) within.  This animal also carries your courage and warrior spirit.

LEFT: Protector of the Female side and teaches you that you must learn to receive abundance as well as to nurture yourself and others.  The left-side animal is also your teacher about relationships and mothering.

For those learning Tarot from me, here’s a cheat sheet:

Tarot thumbnail 

 Swords – The Mind/to think – Spring

Wands –  Action/to do – Summer

Cups  –    Love/to feel – Fall

Pentacles – Physicality/to spend & save Resources – Winter 

Black Panther’s medicine allows human beings to face their fears and dark behaviors, exploring those internal shadowy aspects of being. Most of Panther’s tribe had been stalked and killed by the other two-leggeds, who had come across the big water and who feared their own dark natures. Those people were in need of her healing medicine.

The Caddo people called her clan the Black Panther, and her tribe was known as the Midnight or Black Jaguar to the Maya. The color black is honored by the red race. Darkness is the place for seeking and finding answers, for accepting healings and for accessing the hidden light of truth. Black Panther teaches us through out dreams to delve into the places within ourselves that need healing. She shows us how to track the unfamiliar territory found on hte journey of self-discovery and to fearlessly face the unknown.

If the Black Panther has appeared today, it may be telling you not to worry about the future. Trust that you are not supposed to be mentally “figuring it out”  at this time. You may need to confront fears of the unknown, of being less than you truly are, or an inability to simply BE. Let go of fears that appear as obstacles or barriers. Embrace the unknown and flow with the mystery that is unfolding in your life. The next step may be leaping empty-handed into the cold with implicit trust. In the stillness of the void, find the will to discovery and healing process. Here you will discover Black Panther’s unexpected blessings.


If Black Panther is appearing as contrary, you may be seeing situations as black or white, good or bad, without middle ground. Be free of mental presuppositions and expectations. It could be time to do some housecleaing. Let go of negative people, limiting thoughts, or any fear of being alone. If you are out of balance, your shadow may be creating demons of fear. Enter the stillness and refuse to surrender your personal authority to avoidance mechanisms, justifications, or mental gymnastics. Remember, the fear of “what if” will always keep you from enjoying the present moment and life’s gift is the present.

Feeling jumpy, nervous, confused, paranoid, afraid of being alone, or somehow at risk? These feelings are the shadow’s domain. Tell your shadow to get lost! Then acknowledge and release any feelings of discomfort. Find the emptiness of the void and snuggle into Black Panther’s midnight fur. In all cases, you are reminded that every human being emerged from the darkness fo the womb; you once felt that the silence and the ebony void of this nurturing space was the safest place to BE.