Gomory and I each focus on one of 2 priorities. Mine is the way a coven works and hers is how the coven effects the individual and the individual’s effects on the coven. We are going to use the shift of the solar rhythms to focus on both aspects of coven directions. I will guide our focus to working the structures of the coven as a tool for our personal workings from Yule in December until we celebrate Litha (For us, June 24th). Gomory will then take the helm and working with our spiritual progress and personal effect on coven energy from Litha to Yule. With that said, I am sharing here my own observations of a coven and how to best use it for your personal magickal purposes.

Naturally I would appreciate your observations that we may include on our coven page. The one I just posted should be considered as a draft.

To begin, a coven is a vehicle that drives you from your present place to some non-spacial goal. If you are working a personal spell, whether as a “spell” or regarding some spiritual development utilizing your personal group (defined as being with yourself, entity, family or partner) you do not need a coven. If you are working with a specific grouping then it is helpful to work with those in your chosen coven. Our coven is Coven Babylon defined from the context and perspective of those joining together for spiritual purposes. A coven is defined to Initiates by agreements that make up an understanding and verbal contract when initiating.

The agreement entered into should be fully explained before making the verbal contract and agreement to the rest of the circle which have all agreed to a person initiating. Presently there are still holes in our initiation rituals so people entering haven’t been properly prepared with proper guidelines for conducting themselves within the circle. As we are still inexperienced and expect to always be learning about different mindsets, we will continuously correct these guidelines to create an easy transition between the initiated and uninitiated.

The person directing the spell or circle closes the circle by blessing, consecrating and creating an agreement between them and the participants by invoking a “Circle of Power” that defines our magickal intent. We as individuals in ritual adjust to the completed circle as it focuses into 4 directions that materialize upon the Circle’s closure. These directions work as a…:

Meeting place for love, trust and truth;
Shield against all wickedness and evil intent;
Boundary between the uninitiated and the realm of the Mighty Ones;
Rampart and protection for power and energy we gather.
The person creating that circle has the authority to bless its use and intent and consecrate it in the names of Inanna and Dumuzi identifying the spell as being under the auspices of Coven Babylon.

Covens bond people together through ritual to align us under one myth and one direction. This coven’s “radar” is calibrated to the rhythms of the sun and moon. We align ourselves with the sun during Sabbats 8 times a year in order to solidify the bonds we are creating with ourselves and the other members of our circle. The Moons are specifically for spell casting and happen once a month, 13 times a year. Full moon is to define intent for the month and hold any workshops needed to give us the skill to fulfill our collborated intent. The New Moon is the time to cast the monthly spell.

We have 3 levels: The student (1st degree), the witch/practitioner (2nd degree) and the Priesthood (3rd degree). The Priesthood manages the coven and its magick, the practitioner creates and runs the spells, the student learns the tools and knowledge to run and create spells.

By entering into our Circle we agree to take part in a relationship with the Priesthood. It is the Priesthood’s responsibility to provide you with practical information about magick and how to perform in this circle; and it is the initiate’s responsibility to receive the information and collaborate as adults with what we agree to during initiations and upon constructing the circle.

Spells are a mental construct. The person casting the spell has total control of the spell workers’ focus. It is understood that we avoid unnecessary noise during spellworkings and rituals such as phones or chitchatting so as not to disturb other participants.

The ability to bond other members together is a “muscle” that can be strengthened every day through either meditation where you are connecting with an entity or from use of an oracle like a pendulum, cards, runes or I-Ching. We are better able to facilitate our workings through daily connecting with your personal presence.