Peregrin Wildoak is a Ceremonial Magician who has initiated into the Golden Dawn. I was surprised to see the Golden Dawn is still functioning! Peregrin Wildoak’s website is Magic of the Ordinary. Personally, I am compelled by this title because I don’t believe there is anything “Supernatural.” If we’re not “seeing” something, whether god, specter or auras (I have taught people how to see auras. Not in color, but you can see the energy radiating from your fingertips), it’s not because they don’t exist, but because we don’t know how to see them.

In his book Don’t Sleep There are Snakes: Life and Language in the Amazonian Jungle, Daniel Everett opens with a story about where he witnesses a large group of Piraha who are all apparently seeing a spirit on an empty beach on the opposite bank of the river. The whole village sees it, but neither he, nor his wife or children could.  I’ve heard a lot of stories from indigenous tribes who seem to experience spirits regularly. I personally participated in an Anishinaabe Sweat where there were spirits in a small enclosure.

Venus can be seen in the day if you know what you’re looking for. I could dig up the article but Claude Levi Strauss says Mariners did it all the time. After all, Venus is the brightest object in the sky besides the Moon and Sun.

So what’s the big deal about this particular website? well for those not familiar with magick and its traditions its hard to explain. Peregrin is a Hermetic, invested (it seems) in finding the logic in Magick. I believe he has a solid understanding of Occidental Ritual and symbolism that we lack here. Perhaps Gomory and I are just throwing you into a vat of “Trust me” and “Suspend disbelief” or “you’ll see later…” Familiar? Peregrin found our Pagan Way ritual on the Euchrist that I’ve put in my archives without looking at it too hard. Elements are very important in many ways. I’ll blog about it soon, when I’m not pre-occupied with trying to get our website working better for us. He pinged one of the Pagan Way rituals to his webpage to an insightful article on the Eucharist. I think we should look at what he has to say  as he seems more informed about such things than I am. It only seems prudent.