WHAT’S A WATCHTOWER? In the modern Craft, watchtowers represent the elements. There is some talk Gardner got many of his ideas around structuring a “Witchcraft” from a relationship he started with Aleister Crowley. I admit to liking this rumor so I’m sticking with it until shown otherwise. The elements that the modern craft uses is actually taught by Plato. Plato felt the Universe could be broken down to 5 basics: Earth,Air, Water, Fire and Aether. (Here’s a nice article about Platonic Elements: http://www.pbs.org/…/beautiful-losers-platos-geometry-of-e…/ – and then there’s the Wikipedia article about Classical elements: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classical_element) There is an assumption that Magick is a kind of pre-science or that which science has yet to explain. Be that as it may, traditionally, we call in the elements to manifest a working and the fancy name for the element is a Watchtower.

Because I have seen these elementals manifest in the priestesses I call forth during ritual, I believe they will suit our purposes much better than a Watchtower.

Let’s see what this might look like:

I turn to the East. There sits Kristin Anderson. Since I’m in Chicago I feel the water from the lake. May we feel the power of Michigan within you Kristin! Let us bathe in you in the morning Kristin before we start our day. May you buffer us during our challenges! Bring us peace. We Welcome you Kristin! Cacama!

I turn to the South to Brazil. There sits Malu! Maria De Lourdes Mattos our little fire priestess. She sits ready in her youth and her expectation to feed you her fire, her passion! I welcome you Malu!!!! Motivate us, bring us energy to get through our ritual and our every day! Cacama

I turn now to the West. There sits Teresa! Teresa Castagna. Logical, Analytical, through her, we resolve the problems that might confront us in our day, in our ritual. Please join us Teresa with your wisdom to crack our lives puzzles! Cacama

I turn now to the North. There sits Lyn! Lynette Oberhouse We need the power of Earth to MANIFEST! We need to take of our day to day money, health, meals, work, school, cloths, all that sustains us. Welcome Lyn as you bring us your Earth to help us manifest our intent and be able to take care of our earthly needs to better serve the gods! Cacama.

That’s the idea… 😉

Her second question after asking about sabbats was about Babylon. The label “Babylon” is actually applicable to our coven because when mortals are attempting to bond with some higher force, they attract strong conscious energy beings many of which feed on elements. Some of these are what we call in as watchtowers at rituals and sabbats. The thing about energy beings is that they exist outside our learned way of perception through sight, hearing and sensations allowed by our bodies. This is how they effect changes in our environment without us being conscious of their presence other than whatever laws of cause and effect reality dictates, even if beyond our limited powers of observation. The reason peoples from indigenous cultures can see them and know of their presence is because they weren’t taught how NOT to see them. From what I can tell, many Energy Beings are geographical and integrate with the people living with them thus becoming incentives for cultural identification. There’s an amazing synergy between energy beings and humans.

Many of us, though, are connected with Energy Beings not of this Earth. From what I see, there are two such “species” active here and they are fighting it out for some kind of “dominion” (I use this word loosely). Many indigenous people recognize these beings and call them “sky people.” Apparently, the problem of the conflict is this: where one of them have existed here since our mortal bodies were conscious of outside forces, the other species came here not quite 6,000 years ago through peoples called Ubaids living in the middle east where the Tigres and Euphrates empty into the Persian Gulf. Later these beings would be labeled Anunnaki. The simplest way to tell the difference between the two species is that one is monotheistic, the other is not. The people that were raised in this area were the prehistoric Semites and (if I’m not mistaken), the Jewish/Muslim split between the monotheistic and polytheistic Semites are a product of this fighting between Sky People.

The Semites ended up peopling the northern part of the Tigres/Euphrates valley the source of the rivers, and the “Sumerians” peopled the south where the rivers empty into the ocean. After around 2,000 years, (about the period of time between Jesus and today), the Semite Sargon the Great conquered Sumer under the flag of the Sumerian goddess Inanna, unifying the two empires into one where Sumer became Akkad and Inanna and Dumuzi her consort became Ishtar and Tammuz. At this time Sumer changed to Akkad. The third era (I’m not yet familiar with this split yet) Akkad turned to Babylonia. Babylon is a city in Babylonia probably its capital at the time the Jews who’d become a labeled group in their own right with a separate culture. For millennia the polytheists subjugated monotheists until the Semites split off from the Babylonians creating Israel as a colony I guess since Israel was still under Babylonian laws and tribute.

When the Jews became less tribal and more of the world because of Alexander’s influence, they wrote the Old Testament where we read of the Jewish argument against Babylon. In fact, there is a lot of Babylonian influence on the myths in Genesis, like the stories about Eden and the Flood. This is good fodder for another post, but for now I’m just telling you story of the “gods” that we follow in Coven Babylon. The energy beings we listen to here are palpable and communicative. The temples of Sumer/Akkad/Babylonia (mountainous formations with a building at the top called Ziggurats) were planned out to facilitate the administrations and ministerings of channelings with these beings. It is these very same beings that David and I channeled which ended up being Terra Incognita and now we are using this coven as their tool today now that Terra Incognita’s work is finished.

We are a small group of people most of who have been in contact with the anunnaki over the years on their own and are now bringing together our resources. We were given some unique opportunities to create an honest to goodness coven to do this which has been very useful.

And this is why we call ourselves Coven Babylon.


Instead of calling Elements in, we will be tapping into First Born Priestesses to attend our rituals. These ladies are scattered to the world and they are as follows:

Lynette Oberhouse: North – Earth
Kristin Anderson: East – Water
Maria De Lourdes Mattos: South – Fire
Teresa Castagna: West – Air

Those who know these women personally understand their power and I think they are awesome additions to ritual and sabbats. As I’ve not been able to touch bases with all of them about this, I want to give them a chance to say no. Please call me ASAP. Thank you guys in advance for your generosity of spirit.

Be feelin’ you on Saturday 12:00 Chicago time. Love you guys so much!!!!

I just got a great question! What is a sabbat? I wonder if any of us have actually thought about that? I am ashamed to say I’ve taken the term for granted so am not fully conscious of the special nature of a sabbat.

Sabbats are celebrated in monotheistic societies once a week. In many sects of judaism, the sabbat is celebrated from sunset on friday to sunset on saturday. This is the time its members set apart to commune with their God through taking part in community by going to temple.

In Coven Babylon we celebrate this union with deity through communing with the Earth, our home. We do this by paying attention to the changing seasons. You find out more about what these seasons are by participating in the sabbats with the others in the Coven.

Today for example is the Summer Solstice, when the sun is at its peak and this is the longest day of the year. From this point on, the sun will begin to decline until December when it will be at its nadar during Yule or the winter solstice. Coven Babylon is celebrating this aspect of Earth’s journey on Saturday at Alina’s house where Silvano has prepared a neat lesson on the summer solstice that has been called Litha by the modern day witches.

Sabbats are held every 6 weeks.

The moons are a second way we celebrate our connection to the Earth. There are 13 moons in our calendar year. Each moon is defined by its stations. We work on our spells during Full moon and New moon. Full moons we usually come together as a group where we gather our energy for the month and put it in an energetic communal cauldron and use it satisfy its intent over the course of the next 2 weeks. The “cauldron” should be empty in 2 weeks so the New moons are the time we work on our own or with our magickal partners to begin the process of filling the cauldron up again.

We do this through connecting with our deity. We consider our deity as the energetic being we have connected with at some point. That Being will work with you to begin working energy back into the cauldron.

If done right, eventually you feel your energetic partner all the time and the Craft becomes a lifestyle — something that becomes a part of you in every aspect of your life.

I hope this helps.

Gomory Magick and I threw an I-Ching this morning regarding the coven over the next 6 months. (see https://cafeausoul.com/iching/hexagram-detail-pages) Please read since we will all be discussing this on Saturday for our WORKING.

I Ching Hexagram 2
K’un (The Receptive)
Action: Reflect
Hu Gua (hidden influence) 2 Receptive: Yield

Zong Gua (underlying cause) 1 Creative: Initiate

Reaction is how you defend the past against the future.
Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop. – Ovid
Reading at a Glance: K’un calls for a period of patience and reflection. Where you may have been reactive in the past, it is time to learn how to be responsive. Reaction is a defensive position to uphold the known while responsiveness is open to the unknown. K’un encourages you to yield to the way each day is a creative awakening. A sense of openness and the release of clinging to structure and form will be necessary to give birth to this energy. The difference between reaction and response is your ability to use your senses and not the memory mind while observing. Stand in the moment with a sense of openness to what is unfolding without defending the past. Connect with each sense: Are you listening? Are you seeing how life speaks to you? Remove preconceptions and judgment. All things change in time and a period of action, reflected by the underlying cause of the Creative must give way to its opposite: Reflection. Like winter it is time to turn within and reinvigorate your inner world in preparation for a spring time to come. Embodying an open field in any activity – you are called to put your needs aside to serve, open and reflect before acting. K’un’s power of success comes from within. Move into the world from the inside ~ out. The Receptive is the womb holding the energy of attraction by way of intention that requires the development of sincerity and patience.

“The Receptive is in harmony with the boundless; it embraces everything and illuminates everything in its greatness.” K’un is composed of all Yin lines and coaches you to become more still, observant and less reactive. By ‘not doing anything’ you become a spectator to see how circumstances unfold to guide you.

The master said: “when closely related things do not harmonize, misfortune is the result.” Misfortune is simply how you fight against necessary change. Sometimes K’un can be a message about letting the past go and opening to something new. You may be too attached to what you believe you want, when Tao is bringing you what you need. Look around to see what life is saying to you right now. Pay more attention to your dreams to uncover the profound guidance that comes from within.

When you cultivate a natural response to what unfolds, you react less and observe more. It is often in the things that you cannot change that you discover Tao’s power to guide you the most.

Circumstances urge you forward, although reaction is how you defend the past against the future. A natural response means that you respond to life without defending anything.
We may find it odd that mystics deny the reality of the outer world, yet more people deny the immense power and reality of their inner world. Like the time of autumn when all things turn back to be renewed, you are coached to turn inward to reinvigorate your inner garden.

When you compose your inner world and control its gusts and storms, you will discover wellness and harmony in the outer world. Tao prods you forward, but misfortune is how “those who go against the Way are called unlucky.”

If you are searching for direction, you will find it through your dreams, intuition and inspiration. When these inner clues are measured against events, synchronicity will validate your pathway. Be still and have patience so that you may begin to cultivate your personal connection to what unfolds.

There are times to push forward and times to remain still, as you “move inward and outward according to fixed rhythms.” Stand in the moment and observe your reaction to what unfolds around you. When you stop reacting, you will find yourself simply doing, and you can move forward with a new sense of ease and power.

Unchanging: The quiet perseverance of the mare = do not lead, but follow. Without changing lines it is important to be open and acquiesce to others. There is not a lot you can do to change the situation, but your patience and receptivity is all that is required. If you are open and truly interested in serving and not taking, you can make something out of the fertile valley. Like the Creative unchanging, there is potential but it may be blocked for now. The confusion is real and serves the purpose of unleashing a more realistic perspective. Like a deep ravine, emotion is stirring but there may be no way to actualize it. This can happen when a relationship hits an impasse. The feeling is there but it can’t be acted upon for some reason, at least not now. The energy that flows through the openings can suggest that what you think is happening is happening and you want to grasp your desire, but time is just passing by. Trust this time of flowing with something you have no control over. Without a true understanding of your motives, the question can be thrown back at you: “Have you considered where this action would lead? What purpose does your desire serve? Does what you want serve the other person’s interests too? Can you make a commitment and follow through?” Therefore, examine your motives to ensure that you can be receptive enough to proceed. You may be meeting the moment with a lot of plans that won’t have any effect on the outcome, so let them go. Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, you may need to simply reflect another’s power and light rather than competing or defending something. It is okay to be vulnerable and to be the valley, or take the lowly position without feeling any sense of failure. Your perseverance will be recognized, and another may be opening to you because of your undying loyalty.

I will use this opportunity to go over 4 things:
Coven Babylon’s concept of deity
purpose of moons
8 sabbats and
defining and invoking a circle

DEITY: Coven Babylon follow real energetic entities which we know of as “gods”; they are not archetypes. We consider ourselves a tool for their work.

MOONS: There are two times a month we do a spell working. The moons are for spell work. A spell manifests a declared intent. Think about the percentage of your body that is made up of water. Think about the moon’s effect on the tide. Why wouldn’t the moon have an effect on us?

Intent is about the effect our will has on its target. Think about the double slit experiment with light that is our main picture on this fb page. Our will does have effect on our environment. When the moon is new, the intent is complete and has manifested. We are then ready for a new working. There are 13 cycles of the moon in a year which is the time to develop and trigger our new intent. When the moon is full, the intent is ready to use so then USE IT. you can have your cake and eat it too — honest. When the moon is new, we work with ourselves and/or a partner to create and infuse new intent.

SABBATS: we also come together to honor our sabbats. This is when we celebrate and appreciate our human cycles within nature as well as our own union with each other. There are 8 sabbats in every year. Each year includes 2 equinox and 2 solstice. I will discuss them in a later post.

CIRCLE: When working with a group whether for a moon or sabbat,
we bless the salt and water (to be touched on in a later post) and “close the circle” in the beginning, “open the circle” at the end. The High Priestess conjurs an energy force which wraps around the members who are doing the working together. This “circle” defines our sacred space as well as contains what it is we create together. We do this by invoking 4 things:

to be a meeting place filled with love, truth and trust;
to be a shield against all wickedness and evil;
to be a boundary between the uninitiated and the mighty ones (there are many elders, but only 4 might ones);
finally to protect all the power and energy that we store during our working.

This post is simplified. If any experienced practitioner wants to add a comment to this post, please feel welcome.