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40: Deliverance

A feeling of clarity and fresh opportunity follows a thunderstorm, or any time of extreme tension or obstacles. The storm has had the effect of clearing the air and suddenly reducing atmospheric tension. This symbolizes that some kind of deliverance is at hand. In the wake of a storm on land, deliverance can appear in the form of new color and life, which bursts forth in fields and flowers. Following a storm at sea, deliverance could take the form of land itself.

In the realm of human relations, the rain of forgiveness can wash the human landscape clean after a conflicted period of enmity and error. Great clarity of purpose and renewed vigor can follow the healing of old wounds. But care must be taken not to accidentally reopen these old wounds by moving too quickly. Similarly, it is important to return to normalcy before moving ahead with new plans or projects after periods of stress.

Following the resolution of a difficult situation, your first priority is to return to normal conditions as quickly as possible. Breathe a sigh of relief, but don’t relax completely. It would be a mistake to reawaken the sleeping dogs of the immediate past before the new situation has stabilized. Look ahead. Attend to residual matters that need taking care of, and do so as quickly as possible. Make a clean sweep of the past and move deliberately. Forgive, forget, move on, and your fortunes will improve.



EAST: Guides you to your greatest spiritual challenges and guards your path to illumination.

15 WOLF: TEACHER: Wolf is the Pathfinder, the forerunner of new ideas who returns to the clan to teach and share medicine. Wolf take one mate for life and is loyal like Dog. If you were to keep company with Wolves, you would find an enormous sense of family within the pack, as well as a strong individualistic urge. These qualities make Wolf very much like the human race. As humans we also have an ability to be a part of society and yet still embody our individual dreams and ideas.

In the Great Star Nation, Wolf is represented by the Dog Star, Sirius, which legend tells us was the original home of our teachers in ancient times. Sirius was thought to beg the home of the gods by the ancient Egyptians, and is still considered so by the Dogan tribe in Africa. It stands to reason that Native American peoples would formulate this same connection and adopt Wolf people as the clan of teachers.

The senses of Wolf are very keen, and the Moon is its power ally. The Moon is the symbol for psychic energy, or the unconscious that holds the secrets of knowledge and wisdom. Baying at the Moon may be an indication of wolf’s desire to connect with new ideas which are just below the surface of consciousness. Wolf medicine empowers the teacher within us all to come forth and aid the children of Earth in understanding the Great Mystery and life.

If you have drawn Wolf’s card, you may be able to share your personal medicine with others. Your intuitive side may also have an answer or teaching for your personal use at this time. As you feel Wolf coming alive within you, you may wish to share your knowledge by writing or lecturing on information that will help others better understand their uniqueness or path in life. It is the sharing of great truths that the consciousness of humanity will attain new heights. Wolf could also be telling you to seek out lonely places that will allow you to see your teacher within. In the aloneness of a power place, devoid of other humans, you may find the true you. Look for teachings no matter where you are. Wolf would not come to you unless you requested the appearance of the tribe’s greatest teacher.


43 GIVE AWAY [RELEASE]: The Give-Away card spells relief through release. Don’t get stuck holding on to anything that no longer serves you. Associates, ideas, habits, and belongings may need to go at this time. Attachment to attitudes like needing to be needed or liked may no longer serve either. You are being asked to share what you can, give away something that can  help someone else, or just let go. Don’t hold on so tight. The natural flow of life is squelched when you insist on total control. In all cases, the Give-Away card tells us to release any bond that makes us captives of our own creation. In so doing, we can spread our wings and fly. Remember that generosity is a talent and a virtue that comes from dropping the fear of scarcity and from trusting Great Mystery.

SOUTH: Protects the child within and reminds you when to be humble and when to trust, so that innocence will be balanced in your personality.  I have found this to be your most primal gifts.


If you have pulled Eagle in the reverse, you have forgotten your power and connectedness to the Great Spirit. You may have failed to recognize the light that is always available for those who seek illumination. Heal your broken wings with love. Loving yourself as you are loved by the great Spirit is the lesson which the contrary Eagle brings.

On some level, Eagle is telling you to seek higher ground on which to build your nest. the nest is the home of the heart and cannot remain in a swamp. If your nest is in a swamp, this may be connected to your belief that your wings are clipped by an impossibility in your present status.

Eagle’s nest is high in the mountains, where the air is clean and the movement free. It may be your time for a Vision quest so that you can commune with the Great Spirit. Fasting and praying will surely bring an answer. Seek lofty ideals, and illumination will be close at hand.



The Sun Dance asks us to look at what needs to be sacrificed so that the sacredness of our lives may be restored. It could be that doubt or fear are trailing our dreams and need to be sacrificed to taht our dreams may live. On the other hand, if some bad a bit has limited our capability, that habit needs to be conquered. Recklessness and overindulgence can thwart the abundant life we seek if we do not rid those parts of the self that represent our shadow.

Your shadow is always ready to be sacrificed. If you have learned from dancing with the darkness of ignorance you will learn what is no longer sacred in your life. then the sacrifice becomes your truth. If you use less paper in order to save rain forests, you make them sacred. In all instances, you are being asked to give up something in order to stand in the truth of your convictions. Giving up aerosols, apathy, bitterness, greedy friends, or too much sugar can change the worth of your life.

Remember, self-sacrifice is not denying your needs, but rather the Self’s decision to willingly sacrifice limitation through action.

WEST: The animal in the West leads you to your personal truth and inner answers.  It also shows you the path in your goals


If Wild Boar has appeared in the contrary position, this could be a warning. Because you have been unwilling to confront some challenge, situation or feeling, it is about to explode in your face. It could be time to evaluate any avoidance mechanisms. Denials can vanish when you confront them with unflinching honesty. If some lie is present, now it is time to come clean with yourself or another. Have you dishonored yourself by breaking a trust? Be strong and make amends. If you do not believe that you are brave enough to confront your mistakes or denials, quit lying to yourself and acknowledge the authentic power of the honorable self within.

Remember, you can call upon Wild Boar to help cut through feelings of helplessness or weakness. Those sharp tusks can cut to the heart of the matter and reveal the valiant warrior self that you may have unwittingly abandoned.


9 SOUTH SHIELD (INNOCENCE/INNER CHILD): Returning to that part of yourself that doesn’t need support from the ego. Find where you can be humble in the present situation. Balance work with play and sacredness with irreverence. To continue you have to stop being uptight. This may be a time to get some physical exercise to loosen up tight muscles or to laugh to loosen up your sophisticated garbage. Stop holding on so tight and remember how to trust. How can you trust anything or anyone when the image in the mirror is not really you? In all cases your inner child is trying to teach you something about handling the situation. Listening and trusting the little tike might restore some of the lost magic of life. Remember, playfulness heals a world of woes. The more serious you take the game, the less chance any of us have of winning.


NORTH: Gives wise counsel and reminds you when to speak and when to listen.  It also reminds you to be grateful for every blessing every day. I  believe this represents your relationship to personal authority.



Are you trying ot prove to yourself or someone else that you have power? Are you caught in an illusion that weakens your true feelings or minimizes your abilities? If so, you may have contracted “Dragonfly dive-bombing.” Is this the final “crash and burn” for some pipe dream that had no real purpose? Look within and feel the sense-of-self energy within yourself. Notice if it is ebbing, and find the point in time when you were deluded into believing that you would be happier if you changed because someone else wanted you to. Misery is a prime clue that you lost your will and personal validity when you bought into someone else’s idea of who or what you should be. The illusionwas that you would be happier if you did it their way. In forfeiting what you know is right and true for you personally, you give away your power. It is time for you to take it back.

Follow Dragonfly to the place inside your body where magic is still alive, and drink deeply of its power. This strength belongs to you. It is the power of becoming the illusion. This ability is ever changing, and contains within it the knowledge that you are creating it all.


21 RITES OF PASSAGE [CHANGE]: A Rite of Passage marks a time of some momentous change in life. If you have drawn this card, you are being asked to make note of the growth and change that is occurring because it will shape your future. The changes may be drastic and earth shaking, leaving a sense of confusion, but each one is benefiting your growth in some manner.

The Rite of Passage card can also speak of need for a change if you have lost the magick and spontaneity of life. Only you can make the decision to change the doldrums in excitement. If this decision is made, be ready to fly with Eagle and experience the new freedoms those changes can bring. In all cases, change is the key. Remember, if the moment you are experiencing is not beautiful, recreate it and you will have initiated your own Rite of Passage.

ABOVE: Teaches you how to honor the Great Star Nation; and reminds you that you came from the stars and to the stars you will return.  It is the guardian of the Dreamtime-for your personal access to the other dimensions.


REVERSED 17 MOUTAIN LION [LEADERSHIP] If your Mountain Lion card is reversed, you may be playing with fire. A leader who tries to elad through tyranny or dictatorship has forgotten the medicine of truth. Through the reversal of this medicine, you may be tricked into believing that nothing else has validity except the ideas created by yourself. Watch out! Rome crumbled for this very reason! If this aspect of the contrary medicine does not apply to your situation, look at other messages which Mountain Lion brings in the reversed position.

If you are avoiding taking your place of leadership, it could be because the whole idea scares you silly. This is a normal state of affairs for one who has never been a leader before. In this instance it is necessary to call upon the courage of Lion and to begin by learning the lessons of the “lion-hearted.”

Another message of Mountain Lion reversed is to not let yourself be led down the primrose path by a leader who is abusing power. If you want to put yourself on the road to being a leader in your own right, ask questions of anyone to whom you have given authority. See if they carry the medicine of Mountain Lion, and whether you can grow into your own leadership by observing how they handle the task of setting examples.

Become Mountain Lion by refusing to hide in the cave of your own shyness or uncertainty. Roar with conviction, roar with power, and remember to roar with laughter to balance the medicine!

35 SHAWL [RETURNING HOME] If the Shawl has fallen across your shoulders, you are being invited to return home. If you have forgotten yourself recently it is now time to remember your essence and potential. If you have walked a crooked trail by falsely judging others, it is now time to come home to the  loving heart and see the value in all paths and chosen lessons.

You may be coming home to the magick that you once believed in or to a new sense of well-being, but in every case you are returning to a temporarily forgotten state of being.In every life there is a need to return to the simplicity of happiness. If you have forgotten how to find the simply truths that once supported your inner joy, it is time to return home.

Wearing the Shawl is coming home in the arms of the Earth Mother and being loved. The responsibility of Taking the Shawl is being loving to others  who have forgotten the sacred Path or the way home.


BELOW: Teaches you about the inner Earth, and how to stay grounded and on the path.


Oops! Here comes Badger upside-down and fuming! This could mean that you are being chewed out by someone else or that you have expressed your anger in an unhealthy way. If t his applies to you, remember that all anger stems from anger toward the self. It is an anger of helplessness that is misdirected toward others.

If you are angry at a coworker for telling the boss that you were looking for another job, you are really angry at yourself for not keeping your own secret. If you are angry at your children for disobeying, it is usually anger that stems from fear for the children’s well-being. This self-anger condition is usually present when you have “silly accidents,” falls, cuts and scrapes or when you find yourself bumping into furniture.

Badger in the contrary position can issue in a time of reflection on what you feel helpless about. Is it your lack of aggressiveness or initiative? Is it your fear of being blasted or belittled if you present a new idea? Maybe it is a time when you need to get in touch with your own jealousy or envy of others who are willing to put themselves on top through hard work.

In the reverse, Badger teaches you the pitfalls of shyness and insecurity as well as of misused or vicious aggression. Go to your feelings — maybe you just need to let off steam. If so, scream into a pillow and tehn punch it a few times. It will surely put Badger back into balance. Badger can be difficult medicine and learning to use it properly is a rare gift.

In another context, contrary Badger could be calling you to use herbs and roots to heal your body. Badger reversed may also be putting you on notice to be aware of those areas of your life that need the input of someone else’s aggressive creativity to spark your own. In any case, contrary Badger speaks of a need for more aggressive action in life. No more inactivity can prevail without creating pain of some kind.



39 STONE PEOPLE [RECORDS/KNOWING REVEALED] The Stone People mark a time in which knowing will be revealed to you. Your personal records are held by these libraries of rock. Childhood memories may return and allow you to piece together a part of your personal puzzle. Memories of past lives or deja vu could bring new awareness. Whatever the case, you are now in a position to know where you came from and where you are going.

A Stone Person can assist you in focusing your intent, dispelling confusion, changing habits, retrieving records from long ago, or getting grounded. Allow these teachers to become your Allies and discover a new world. Listen to the whispers of the mineral kingdom and your heart will know.

In all cases, the Stone People card asks you to open your mind because new understanding is coming your way. This knowledge is based on Earth Records and may change the way in which you view life. These ancient friends are the oldest Children of Earth and only ask us to stop and listen.


WITHIN: Teaches you  how to find your heart’s joy and how to be faithful to your personal truths.  It is also the protector of your sacred space, the place that is yours alone and is never shared except by invitation.

In the contrary position, Dog may be telling you that you have become critical or mean due to the company you are keeping. The reversal of this medicine could also imply that it is time to stop cowering with fear, and time to begin to tackle the adversaries of your confidence. The key is to realize that these are not external enemies, but thought-forms in your own mind which tell you that you are not worthy of loyalty — either to yourself or to others. You may want to examine the patterns of disloyalty in your life. Do you, for example, pass on gossip, or not speak up when someone else is rumor-mongering? do you make jokes that belittle others? Do you refuse to return kindness? These are characteristics of fear, and particularly of a fear that is common to the human, two-legged family; the fear of not belonging or of not being approved of.

Reclaim the power of loyalty to self and self truths. Become like Dog — your own best friend.


33 DREAMTIME [UNLIMITED VISION] You are being asked to see with unlimited vision. Wipe the dust from your eyes and pay attention to the messages you are receiving from the parallel universe. Our world is pregnant with possibilities. All time is now. You are a co-creator in the Two Worlds and will be given unlimited sight and knowing if you ask for it. This vision may come in a sleeptime dream or through out-of-body Journeying. It will give you the insight that you need at this time. Unlimited vision allows any seeker to pierce the veil of unconsciousness and come to an inner knowing. In all cases, this card marks marks a time of sseeing truth on all levels of Creation. You are now being given the ability to go beyond the accepted reality. The cocoon is open, trust yourself, your Allies, and your Medicine. You may now take flight.


RIGHT: Guards your male side and teaches you that, no mater where you turn, it will be your father-protector (spirit guide) within.  This animal also carries your courage and warrior spirit.


Mouse says, “I will touch everything with my whiskers in order to know it.” Paradoxically, this is both a great power and a great weakness. It is good medicine to see up close. It is good medicine to pay attention to detail, but it is bad medicine to chew every little thing to pieces.

Mouse has many predatory enemies, including birds, snakes, and cats. Since Mouse is food for many, it has a highly developed sense of danger at every turn. So-called civilization is a highly complex set of components which calls for more and more organizational skills and scrutiny to detail every year. Mouse is a powerful medicine to have in these modern times. Things that might appear insignificant to others take on enormous importance to mouse.

Mouse people anger many other medicine types because they appear to be nit-pickers. Mouse people will spot the lint on your coat, even if it matches in color./ They will try to convince you that the simplest task is fraught with difficulty. they are fixated on methodology. They sort and categorize and file away for alter use. They may seem like they are hoarding, but this is the farthest thing from Mouse’s mind. They are merely putting everything in order so that they will be able to explore it more carefully at a later date.

The chiefs tell us that without Mouse there would be no systemization of knowledge. Mouse ended Renaissance man and hearkened the age of specialization. Mouse knew from the very beginning that “there is always more to learn.” One can always delve deeper and deeper and deeper.

If your personal medicine is Mouse, you may be fearful of life but very well organized, with a compartment for everything. You should try to see a larger picture than the one staring you in the face. develop largesse of spirit. try to become aware of the Great Dance of Life. Realize that even though you may be sitting in Los Angeles, there is also a New York, a Moon, a solar system, a galaxy, and an infinite universe. Jump high, little friend\. You will glimpse the Sacred Mountain.

If mouse is in your card-spread, its medicine is telling you to scrutinize. Look at yourself and others carefully. Maybe that big hunk of cheese is sitting on a trigger that will spring a deadly trap. Maybe the cat is in the pantry waiting for you. Maybe someone to whom you have delegated authority, such as a doctor, a lawyer, or even a plumber, is not doing the job faithfully. The message is to see what is right before your eyes and to take action accordingly.


11 NORTH SHIELD (WISDOM/GRATITUDE): Some kind of wisdom is coming your way. You are now being asked to show gratitude for these new understandings in order to continue the growth process. Wisdom is one way in which you can experience the natural order of the universe and how it applies to your life. Wisdom is an inner knowing that cannot be traded, sold, or stolen from you. Knowing is truth that has been experienced. You have learned a lesson and derived from it a sense of Self that will serve you for the rest of your life. The successful completion of this lesson should be marked by prayers of thanksgiving or acknowledged in gratitude. In so doing, you will have completed the circle of the Sacred Hoop and honored the source of that truth. Remember that the gift of wisdom is the heart of the recipient and remains alive as long as it is honored as a blessing.


LEFT: Protector of the Female side and teaches you that you must learn to receive abundance as well as to nurture yourself and others.  The left-side animal is also your teacher about relationships and mothering.

34 GROUSE [SACRED SPIRAL]: Drawing the Grouse medicine card in the reverse position signals a dissipation of energy and lack of control and discipline. It is symbolic of a lost connection to the Source, and signifies a lack of clear intent behind an outpouring of energy. You may feel like you are in a tailspin or going down the drain. confront confusion either in yourself or in others who may be int eh picture. examine the way your energy maybe causing friction, sparks, or a convolution of a situation that needs clarification. Work toward harnessing your energy and directing it toward clearly defined goals. Such is the nature of the Sacred Grouse Dance.

In using the sacred dance as a tool to right contrary Grouse, you may also find that it is a tool to center or ground you. In grounding you are once again connecting to Mother Earth and balancing out the spinning in your head. If you have become so involved with an idea or problem that you are no longer seeing it clearly, you may feel dizzy or lacking in concentration. this is a sign that you have entered the thought universe and are not connected to physical reality. You need grounding if this occurs.

Dancing or walking will put you back in touch with Earth and your body. Grouse may then teach you how to notice the energy flows that put you in harmony and balance with body, mind and spirit.


32 (DRUM RHYTHM/INTERNAL TIMING): Find your own internal timing. You may be pushing too hard or missing a beat. Being out of sync calls for realignment with the body’s needs. Rhythm is a personal thing. To honor your own rhythm is to come back into harmony with the Self. From this point, personal comfort allows you to harmonize with other rhythms of life.

The Drum also speaks of allowing yourself to be supported by Mother Erath’s heartbeat. That is to say, your mind may be outdistancing hat your body can handle and the body cannot pull needed energy from the Earth because it is trying to keep up with your thoughts. If this applies, you are missing a beat. Slow down and rediscover the heartbeat of your true Mother. Then the synchronicity of your movements will be effortless.

In all cases, rhythm is the key. Become aware of all rhythms and see how yours fits in. If it feels right, you become the music and the dance you are dancing becomes a celebration of life.



  1. R 4c
  2. XIII + 3 pentacles
  3. Foundation: R XIV Temperance
  4. Past: High Priestess
  5. Goal: 10 pentacles
  6. Future: 8 Wands
  7. Self: 6 pentacles
  8. Environment: R 8c
  9. Ace o fSwords
  10. 9 Wands


My magickal name is GOMORY. It is the name of Lucifer’s oldest daughter. I am Amanda’s friend for over a year now,and I am a member of Terra Incognita and House of Swords: Millarca’s temple.

I have experience with energy healing. I completed 2 levels of VORTEX healing. I read the Tarot, do dream interpretation, practice meditation on daily basis, and full moon rituals with my magickal  partner.

I am familiar with GLEE and attended Lyn and Julien’s handfasting ritual.

My interest in a coven and my general philosophy on magick and worship of Gods,is best summarized in these quotes from a book on Egyptian magick. The book is: SACRED MAGIC .

…”one of the implications of this spiritual technology-Sacred Science-was the TRANSFORMATION OF THE HUMAN FORM INTO A VEHICLE FOR HIGHER FUNCTIONS. In the words of the Egyptians,it was a process of “making gods”…..

…daily life in ancient Egypt encompassed far more than attendance to personal need or social duty. Egyptians had a DEEP REGARD FOR DIVINE LIFE and a DESIRE TO COMMUNICATE WITH ITS POWERS…..the conscious participation with these forces was viewed as the supreme accomplishment.”…

(I could not have said it better)

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