SEEKERWhile searching for the realms within, human beings distrust space. Going forward over the abyss needs much courage, yet the Seeker takes the rainbow path joyfully and with equanimity. We each have our own personal abyss, inhabited by  monsters, fears and doubts; most of us don’t look into it too often or too closely in case we get bitten. The choices for the Seeker are to remain in the Wasteland, to fall into the Abyss or to leap over it and enter the unknown landscape.

What is the Wasteland to you?
What lurks in the abyss?
What do you hope/think/feel lies ahead?

The Seeker (Fool) is you standing at the threshold of the quest. Self-knowledge is the object of your future searches.Before we start this quest, it is useful to assess yourself and clarify your direction. So ask yourself:

Who are you as a person?
What is my life’s purpose? What would you like it to be, if you are unsure?
What are your greatest strengths?
What kind of quest are you already on? What do you hope to find/achieve?
What needs most empowerment in your life right now?
What is your seeking style? deadly earnest, plodding, adventurous, cautious, dilatory, swift, playful, etc?


1) Write an incident in your life when you were presented with alternative choices—one which seemed ‘wise’ and the other ‘foolish.” Write your story as if you had chosen the ‘foolish’ alternative – whether you did or not, write as if this was what you’d chosen in reality. What might the outcome have been?


Choose an incident in your life where you felt particularly foolish or at a disadvantage. Mythologize it if you like: rather than telling it in the first person, tell it in the third person and set is somewhere else. Allow your story to unfold but, at the moment when the innate foolishness is revealed, turn the story round and bring it to a resolution so that “foolish” decision becomes the “wise” one.


2) Select the Seeker from your pack, shuffle it and extract a series of cards to create situations which you as the Seeker have encountered in your life recently. Use the face value of the picture or the divinatory meanings as you like, consulting the book of you need to. Write a story where the Seeker meets with these situations/places/people, using the cards as story components.

3) Create an opening affirmation with which you can start each meditation session. Example:

From this world to that word, I go to meet (title of the card you are meditating upon)



Create an opening affirmation with which you can start each meditation session. Example:

From this world to that word, I go to meet (title of the card you are meditating upon)

The following meditations should be spread over a series of dys, rather than performed all at once. Write down your answers with a general report of what you experienced at each meditation session. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t appear to get a great deal at this stage. Accept your experience and record it. Don’t feel that apparently irrelevant images or feelings are unrelated to your experience but refer them back to your meditations subject
Without referring to the hand-book, look at the card of the Seeker in the Wasteland. What is the general feeling of the card? How do you feel looking at it?

Each card is surrounded by a doorway or window: this time, when you meditate, step through this doorway and ENTER the card. Close your eyes now and enter the SEEKER CARD, answering the following questions: What is it like being in this landscape? What can you see from the cliff top?

Enter the card now and stand in the Seeker’s place, becoming the Seeker, who can be of either sex. If you find this difficult, try questioning him when you enter the card. Find the answers to these questions:

Where are you going? What do you seek? What are the blackbirds saying to you? What are the uses of the things you carry: the staff, the knife, the helmet and pendant stone? Are you brave enough to step upon the rainbow road?

The Rainbow Path of the Seeker takes you from your own world to the innerworlds. You can pass between the worlds by this pathway. As you explore the innerworlds, be aware of the Rainbow Path forming a crossroads which faces the four directions. You will be taking each of these roads in turn in the next part of the course.