As a child, I was magical in my head.  I had friends and connections to the Gods without thinking too much of what the elders would tell me inasmuch that it was nonsense.   I was raised in a very strict Catholic home and school and many times got into trouble for my thoughts.

As is the case for many of us, eventually the droning drowned out the creativity and magical qualities that I had.  Although there were glimpses of magic would come out over the next 20 years.

I think that it was the joy of my pregnancies and the miracle of a child growing inside me and then the birth of my two children when things started popping for me again.   My voice came out in a shout as though the hiding wound it down into a tight spring.  My children were both enchanting in their own light.  As they grew; I grew.

Now fast forward to 2008 when I met Dan and dawn and David Torrey.   They all seemed to see right through any pretense I was holding onto and helped my next explosion.   I came to Chicago and met Amanda and the Earth start shaking.

I met Julian in October of 2009.  Our love blossomed and out of the growth GLEE was born.   Great Lakes Energy Exchange created a community of misfits who now gather once a month and learn and practice on all sorts of topics ranging from energy to spirituality to sex magick to BDSM to poly to self-awareness.