Our rituals are intended to help you focus upon your personal quest and to prepare the inner way. Ritual must be personally enacted. Rituals are not just made up words. Suggestions are given to help you concentrate on what you are doing and why.

Your intention is the dynamo of the ritual. The words, gestures and movements are the fuel. Don’t be afraid of long moments of silence: it is in the sacred silence that the Spirit speaks to your soul. Be open to spontaneous and unscripted methods of ritual.

Ritual comes in 7 parts:


Seasonal Flowers
Candles (directions and fire)
Chalice for water
Stone for Earth
Refreshments for meal

1. The Making Spread: Changing mundane to sacred space. Invoke the 4 elements and ask help of all spiritual helpers. Visualize and feel each element’s qualities and action within yourself and the Earth.

2. Grounding: Meditation on the mystery of the Event, Festival, Moon, etc.

3. Invocation and Visualization of deity or Hallow Guardian.

Sword = Lady of the Lake
Spear = Arthur
Grail = Guinevere
Stone = Merlin

Deity of the rite is asked to preside over the ritual and act as an initiator.

4. Raising the Energy or Epiphany: “showing forth” or manifestation where the mystical heart of the ritual comes to manifestation of the rite in our world.

5. Communion: sharing the gifts of the moon in a simple celebratory meal.

6. Establishing the Shrine: Creating the altar for the spell. You will remember your purpose by making a shrine or altar.

7. The Return: concludes the ritual and opens the circle. must never leave this out.