We all need to learn the basics of Wicca to decode our journey’s road signs. Kathryn Sofya will be giving regular classes utilizing the lessons out of “Paganism – an introduction to Earth-centered religions” by Joyce and River Higginbotham. If you don’t make a class, then simply email me answers to the questions covered at the end of each chapter.



In his autobiography, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Carl Jung said,

“… Sometimes they are persons of extraordinary talents, who might well inspire another to give his life for them; but these talents may be implanted in so strangely unfavorable a psychic disposition that we cannot tell whether it is a question of genius or fragmentary development. Frequently, too, in this unlikely soil there flower rare blossoms of the psyche which we would never have thought to find in the flatlands of society.

…Among the so-called neurotics of our day there are a good many who in other ages would not have been neurotic- that is, divided against themselves. If they had lived in a period and in a milieu in which man was still linked by myth with the world of the ancestors, and thus with nature truly experienced and not merely seen from outside, they would have been spared this division with themselves. I am speaking of those who cannot tolerate the loss of myth and who can neither find a way to a merely exterior world, to the world as seen by science, nor rest satisfied with an intellectual juggled with words, which has nothing whatsoever to do with wisdom.”

This is where the Living Myth lies within our personal consciousness. We have natural Rites of Passages embedded into our personal lives. A coven cannot give you keys of ascension, but your life can. A good source to identify these keys when they happen lied in Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey (Found in drop-down menu under “Journey”) where we can utilize a good formula for any coven’s rites of passage.

Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey (Found in drop-down menu under “Journey”) is a good formula for a coven’s rites of passage. The first level is “Separation” and has 5 levels designating rites of passage. I will assume you covered your “Call” in your biography and that you did not refuse. With that said, click on “First” and find how to satisfy this degree.

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