You are invited to participate in Sabbats and Moons with our Coven.

We define Coven as meaning a specific group of people that are committing their resources which includes sharing time, expenses and personal space to satisfy our group’s rites of passage, ceremony and ritual.

We expect that by the end of a year, you will have worked through your work and familial expectations to join us for 8 sabbats and 13 full moons. The new moons are used for personal spellwork. This personal time is as important as Coven time. Initiating into the Coven energetically changes our whole nature incorporating you…Your spell work on New Moons is morphing all of us not just you.

The format we use here is based on both the Jewish Kabbalah for the Journey and Karate for degree codification. As we are ultimately practicing the Hieros Gamos, you will understand the steps of the Diety’s descent and our place in the Natural World as a Mortal Human Being. Part of your ascension through the four worlds will be about that. By the time you’re at the Third Degree, you will be completely partnered and engaged with your Divine Presence and begin your relationship with Them from then and throughout the rest of your life.

White: Becoming conscious of the energy that you take in and give into us through Meditation and Focus. In white, you begin learning to be thoughtful of what you as an individual means to a whole picture. Here in White you create a Coven name that we primarily use on the Website or in public. Some of us are concerned about Internet presence so we’ll be strict about its use. Integrating it with your birthday is your first spell that helps you think consciously about you and how you enter into our community.

Yellow: In Yellow you become proficient at being conscious of energy. What this means is that you will know when you have made contact with a Being. If you never make contact, the archetype you engage that will cause a shift in your and the group’s energy. This is vital for the Rituals, Symbols and Spellworkings you’ll do after initiation.

Our group magick will grow and deepen as will our relationship and dependency on each other.